4 Famous Superheroes Deaths In MCU

3. Phoneix : Jean Grey


Jean Grey, also dubbed as Phoenix, is arguably one of the important parts of the X-Men storylines. Earlier, her death changed different prospects in the Marvel Universe. She was always one of the significant players in the stories, however, due to her limited powers, she was always away from achieving greatness. Possessed by a cosmic power Phoenix. She destructed a star which claimed billions of lives. But before the intergalactic justice was faced, she committed suicide to avoid more deaths.

4) Steve Rogers: Captain America

the_avengers_captain_america-wide superheroesCaptain America is one of the major superheroes. In 2006’s Civil War Confessions, the story line seemed to be quite tough on Captain America than any other superhero. As he surrendered to Tony Stark, America was shot down on the steps of the courthouse. Fans were astonished to see him dead.

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