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MCU Theory: Moon Knight Gets His Powers Through Kang (His Variant)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a sprawling hub of all kinds of media. It includes TV Shows, OTT shows, Movies, tie-in comics, and much much more. Even the animated shorts add a lot to the lore. The franchise has become a beautiful tapestry of interconnected stories. So it makes a lot of sense that they came up with a villain for Phase 4 that can be in a lot of places at once. I am talking about Kang the conqueror. Recent speculation about the Moon Knight series suggests that Kang will be a part of it. It is even rumored that Moon Knight gets his powers through Kang.

So, recently, an anonymous 4chan user posted a rumor stating that Rama-Tut will be in the series. It was also confirmed by the said user that Rama-tut will be the one giving Moon Knight his powers. Moreover, another rumor has made its way online which claims that actor Serag El-Din will be the one playing the character. This information does not mean much to an average viewer. But to a comic reader, this news is earth-shattering. For you see, Rama-Tut is not who you think he is and his inclusion in the series confirms the presence of Kang. How and what do we mean? We’ll tell you, so read on to find out how Moon Knight gets his powers through Kang.

Who is Rama-Tut and Why Should We Care?

Rama-Tut is a time traveler named Nathaniel Richards who ended up in ancient Egypt by accident. He then used his advanced technology and weaponry to take over the ancient land and ruled it with an iron hand. This resulted in him becoming overly powerful. Nathaniel gave himself the name Rama-Tut to blend in with history. But that is not the interesting part. The most revealing part of the entire tale is that Rama-Tut Nathaniel Richards and Kang are all the same person. You see, It was Nathaniel Richards who created the persona of Kang to roam around the timeline conquering everything.

Moon Knight Gets His Powers Through Kang

This means that if the rumor is to be believed then not only will we see Kang in the Moon Knight series. But he will also be the one responsible for giving Moon Knight his powers and creating the hero. Moon Knight is a rip-off of Batman but unlike The Batman Moon Knight does have some superpowers. These powers are now said to be coming from a variant of Kang. This means that the events of Moon Knight are going to be very important for the MCU as a whole. It is no longer an isolated series.

It seems that there is something about the Moon Knight that is needed by Kang. Hence, he has decided to take over an entire civilization just to make sure that the Moon Knight comes into existence. The Marvel writers have pulled a very nice trick by introducing a villain that can be anyone and be anywhere, as evidenced by this rumor. They do not need to sign the same actor to play the character, again and again, instead, they can just hire a new face and call it Kang.

The Villainous Tut

It is truly remarkable how much the MCU has grown. We have gone from one of the most obscure villains in the marvel multiverse (Obidiah Stane) to perhaps one of the most iconic (Thanos) to the most versatile (Kang). The exploits of Nathaniel Richards were very interesting in the comics we just hope that the same Modus Operandi is followed in the series. Although, we cannot be sure as to the presence of Kang in the series. We can still say that Rama-Tut will be a beautiful addition to the show’s lineup. Moreover, wherever Rama goes Kang is close behind.

It is sort of interesting to see how everywhere we look in the MCU Kang is already present. It’s like he has invaded all our minds and every realm in the MCU. Almost like he knew what was going to happen and has planned accordingly. He has infested our universe like Hydra infested S.H.I.E.L.D. and he wants to take over our beloved Marvel Multiverse. We do believe that the Avengers will not permit such a deed but we cannot be sure about the extent of Kang’s powers.

Moon Knight Gets His Powers Through Kang

What do you think about this rumor? Have we hit the nail on its head or have we missed something. Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything marvel.

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