4 Superpowers That Make Captain America An Unstoppable Force To Reckon With

Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Captain America first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941. Physically and mentally enhanced beyond the human perfection the superhero got his superpowers after he was dosed with Super-Soldier Serum(SSS) in order to aid the United States in a war. Also, know as Steve Rogers, Captain America is a perfect man and often denoted as an epitome of next-level human evolution. So today, we bring you four superpowers that make him the most unbeatable superhero.

Super Strength

Steve Roger’s strength is beyond the human potential. He can break chains and metal cuffs in a single snap. Moreover, he can bench press up to 1,200 lbs on all the sides the bar. And this strength travels down his body who can spring a long way and three meters above the ground in the standing position.

Super Durability

Just like his strength, Steve Roger’s durability is beyond a normal human being. His strong bones and strong muscles make him so durable that if someone hits him with a metal bar he will show a little discomfort and will not drag an inch from his place.

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