Marvel Has Introduced a New Fantastic Four Iron Man Suit

New Fantastic Four Iron Man Suit:

There are many things to love about Marvel. But one of the main reasons why we continue loving all superheroes in this world of fiction is because of their constant evolution. Not only do the characters continue to grow spiritually as individuals, but their suits also continue to change with new comic issues and films. This tactic of changing suits is carried because of several reasons. And obviously, it has been practiced the most by Iron Man.

New Fantastic Four Iron Man SuitThe main reason why Marvel continues to change the suits of all heroes is to sell toys, merchandise and comics.If the suits remain the same throughout the run of a hero, then people won’t be enticed to buy the new merchandise, comic stories won’t feel fresh, and neither would the movies. While we talk about suit changes, there are several instances where a notable hero dons the suit of some other hero. For instance, Bruce Banner drove the Hulkbuster armor in Infinity War & Endgame. In the same way, several heroes have worn an Iron Man suit at some point of time. The latest one to do so is none other than the Fantastic Four leader, Reed Richards.

New Fantastic Four Iron Man SuitIn Marvel’s Empyre event (from Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia, and Joe Caramagna), the Cotati attacks Wakanda & the Kree/Skrull alliance tries to blow up the freakin’ sun. As this happens, Reed & Tony were arguing about Tony always building suits in his free time. But then they realize that they only 9 minutes to stop the Cotati from releasing the Death Blossom in Wakanda & the allied forces of the Kree and Skrulls from blowing up Earth’s sun. Earth will be doomed if they don’t. Because it is such a hasty mission, Tony suits up in an instance, and so does Reed Richards! Yes, Tony Stark built him an Iron Man suit of his own!

New Fantastic Four Iron Man SuitReed was reluctant to don the suit as that’s what he was arguing about in the first place. But he realizes that there’s just no time. It remains to be seen how this suit helps in enhancing Reed’s superpowers. The issue ends upon a cliffhanger, and we’d only find out this week if the combined forces of the Fantastic Four & the Avengers will be able to prevent Earth from being destroyed twice over. But it’s still quite amazing to see Reed Richards get his own Iron Man suit.

New Fantastic Four Iron Man Suit

Honestly, every Avenger should get an Iron Man suit at some point of time. It obviously shouldn’t be an all-time thing as that’d take away the specialties of other heroes. But this should instead happen as a one off event where an Iron Man suit makes the abilities of the other heroes more efficient on a particular occasion. In Avengers Assemble Season 3, Episode 22, it was the Red Hulk who became out of control, and every Avenger except for Hulk & Thor got a Hulkbuster armor of their own. It was quite an amazing feat to witness. Something like this could still happen in the MCU. Tony Stark may have died, but he has left an abundance of resources behind. Let’s see how things unfold in the comics and the MCU.

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