Scenes in Hollywood Movies That We Didn’t Understand When We Were Kids

Scenes in Hollywood Movies:

As kids, we may have watched certain movies a thousand times without comprehending some scenes in them only designed for adults. These moments never made sense to us and we didn’t even bother to scratch our heads for them. We only cared about talking trains and monkeys. Wasn’t that one of the best parts of being kids, innocent and oblivious to life and reality?

 1. Toy Story

In Toy Story, the kid Sid used to maliciously break the toys and rebuild them into his version of new toys. One of his creations was a pair of Barbie legs attached to a fish hook. The kid’s silly creation was perceived differently by the adult audience. It made more sense to them to call it a ‘hooker’.

 2. The Mask

One of the funniest moments of The Mask made kids and their parents laugh for totally different reasons. When Jim Carrey’s Mask was fighting thugs and transformed himself into a balloon artist, he pulled out a soaked balloon instead of an animal-shaped balloon by mistake. Only the adults understood that it wasn’t a “balloon”. Can you guess what it was now?

 3. The Cat In The Hat

When we were kids, the cat’s hat growing bigger with a “boing!” noise at the sight of Sally’s mom only meant that he liked her. But now that we’re grownups, we know that a hat getting longer and stiff indicated a boner.

 4. Dennis The Menace

Little Dennis thought that his parents wrestled in the bedroom every day. The only explanation that the innocent boy had for the lying shirts and the funny noises that followed was wrestling. Now both Dennis and we know what kind of wrestling it was. *Awkward Pause*

 5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Scenes in Hollywood Movies
Scenes in Hollywood Movies

Ever wonder why Roger got upset on discovering that Marvin and Jessica Rabbit played “patty cake”? Patty Cake was the cartoon term for intercourse.

 6. Guardians Of The Galaxy

When Gamora criticizes Quill’s ship and calls it filthy, he laughs and compares it to Jackson Pollock’s painting. The reference to the artist would have passed straight over the young audiences’ heads. Pollock was famous for splashing paint over his canvas to make abstract paintings. Similarly, Peter’s room was splattered with human fluids.

 7. Home Alone 2

Scenes in Hollywood Movies
Scenes in Hollywood Movies

Throwing heavy bricks at the thieves and getting them electrocuted were not only petty hindrances but were also hilarious for children. But the reality of such brutality would have been lethal and gore.

 8. Up

Up was meant to cater to both children and adults. While it was heart-warming for everyone, only the grownups understood the hidden meanings and metaphors. The montage, for instance, indicated Ellie’s inability to have children, followed by her depression and the rest. The old man Carl was dead throughout the movie. The house represented Carl’s attachment to the materialistic world while Paradise Falls was heaven. The little boy Russell was a figment of Carl’s imagination and took the form of the kid he and Ellie never had.

 9. Dumbo

When Timothy fetches Dumbo a drink to stop his hiccups, they transcend into a colorful world of imaginations and hallucinations. Such hallucinations meant nothing odd to kids who are used to flying girls and talking dogs. But adults understood that the sparkling water was Champagne.

 10. Antz

Scenes in Hollywood Movies
Scenes in Hollywood Movies

Kids would have ignored when ant Z was blabbing unceasingly. Ant Z was voiced by the talented Woody Allen who was referring to his famous unstable characters in other movies. Woody Allen’s works are some of the most recognized pieces in the world and the reference wasn’t hard to guess for his grownup fans.

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