Tony Stark Wasn’t The First Choice To Be The Mentor of Peter Parker In Homecoming

The popular actor Tom Holland is new Peter Parker/Spiderman, who was taken in by Tony Stark/Iron Man to fight for his team in Captain America Civil War. The movie will pick up the pieces of Civil War and will show how Peter Parker struggles to return to his normal high-school life. It is based on the “Spiderman Homecoming” storyline and Vulture is the big villain played by Michael Keaton.

The movie also has Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a Tony Stark. Stark Industries has been working on a new upgraded suit for Spiderman loaded with amazing features such as stealth metallic armor, mechanical web-shooters with spider light, spider trackers, spidey wings, quick change button or Spider-Tracer etc.

It’s sometimes also called as Iron Spider suit. Tony Stark will be a mentor to Peter Parker who is struggling to come to terms with his superhero powers, in fact, Tony will be like an overprotective father. We could see that the suit has an AI fitted which gives Tony Stark power to disable features until he thinks Peter is ready. Also, Peter is giving daily reports of his whereabouts to Mr. Stark. He is using the excuse of “Stark Internship” to hide his true identity from his friends.

Recently, the director Jon Watts revealed in an interview that Tony Stark wasn’t originally planned to play mentor to Peter Parker in the homecoming movie, in fact, it was Nick Fury. He said:

peter parker

“Interestingly, while Tony was the obvious choice, especially after the events of Civil War, I started creating images of Nick Fury as the mentor in the story in early “mood reels” before getting the job. I don’t know what the situation would be, but that would be a person he’d want to get in trouble with.”

It is not shocking to see Fury mentoring Peter as they both share a long history in comics, in fact, Marvel animated series explored Fury’s influence on Peter’s life. Since Tony and Peter shared great chemistry in Civil War, the makers chose to extend the relationship to integrate Spiderman movies with the MCU.

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