10 Weird Ant-Man Facts So Stunning Marvel Will Never Let You Know

The tiniest Avenger was one of the latest to join the array of superheroes that make up the Earth’s Mightiest heroes aka the Avenger. Ant-Man is not your typical superhero. He was a thief and a con man. He did not know the first thing about being the good guy. That is why he is so special. The Ant-Man movie became a huge hit and opened new ways for Scott Lang. Paul Rudd became an overnight sensation and a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His quirky antics led him into becoming the world’s weirdest superhero and a heartthrob for the entire Marvel fan base. While all is well and good when it comes to Ant-Man’s future in the MCU, the guy actually hides quite a number of secrets that we bet you never knew. Presenting – 10 Weird Ant-Man Facts so stunning Marvel will never let you know!!

 10. His Huge skeleton becomes a bustling city in the future!!

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

Old Man Logan hides quite a few dark facts within its deranged timeline. In this world, the world has been turned into a wasteland after all the supervillains joined hands and took down all of the world’s superheroes in a globally coordinated surprise attack. The outcome – the world is now ruled by a group of villains. Wolverine travels to a city called Pym Falls. At first, it looks like a city named in honor of the great superhero. But it turns way to macabre when the actual truth behind the name is revealed. Turns out, the Hulk and his children attacked Ant-Man when he was in his giAnt-Man form, defeated him and left his corpse to rot for all eternity. Pym Falls is actually the place where Hank Pym literally fell!! His skeleton is now used as a huge city wide headquarters by the Hulk and his underlings.

 9. He is a peeking tom

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

 The Ant-Man mantle has been passed down from Hank Pym to Scott Lang and then to Eric O’Grady. While the former two were good guys, Eric was kind of a jerk. He had no interest in being the superhero that everyone expected him to be. To the contrary, Eric used the Ant-Man suit for his own personal gains. There is a reason he is called the “Irredeemable Ant-Man.” He used the suit to steal valuable objects, impress women and even creep on them. He once broke into Shield headquarters by shrinking himself to a microscopic level and sneaked into Ms. Marvel’s bathroom, where he watched her taking a shower.

 8. He became a Vampire once

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

 In the Marvel Comics Ultimates’ Universe, Ant-Man’s real identity was a new guy called David Scott, an African American genius level scientist who was part of The Reserves. The Reserves were a team created to act as a fail-safe should the primary Ultimates team ever go rogue or if they ever required assistance. Then a terrible vampire outbreak turned the tables! The Reserves were called in to assist the Ultimates. David Scott terribly underestimated the vampires and soon succumbed to the bite. After he turned into a bloodsucker himself, Scott is killed by one of his own colleagues from The Reserves.

 7. The Punisher beheads him and uses his head as his personal trophy

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

Comics are a very strange place. Marvel Comics, in particular, have the ability to become even stranger. In The Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher, a viral outbreak takes over the globe. The entire global population, including the superheroes, succumb to the effects of the virus and turn into rabid, violent monsters. Eric O’Grady, the Irredeemable Ant-Man, also becomes a victim and turns into a violent creature. The Punisher survives the outbreak because he is immune. And he decides to take it upon himself the task of killing everyone so that the virus does not cause any more harm. One of the first superheroes he kills is Ant-Man, who he easily beheads and then brandishes it in his room as a hunting trophy.

 6. His powers also include dimensional travel

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

When you think of Ant-Man, it is hard to imagine anyone else other than a guy who can shrink and enlarge himself to impossible sizes. We mean it is right there in the freaking name itself – Ant-Man!! But Ant-Man is much more capable than just turning himself big or small. If used correctly, Pym Particles also help him travel through dimensions. In the Marvel Universe, there exist universes that are small enough to fit inside an atom. By shrinking himself to unimaginable sizes, Ant-Man can break that dimensional barrier and travel to these dimensions and alternate universes that exist in a sub-atomic level. Hello Quantum Realm!!

 5. He once literally exploded inside out

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

In the early 2000 era, comic books were at their lowest ever turnover rates. Marvel Comics were on the losing side most of the time when it came to sales and profit generation. The audience was bored with the same heroes ending up being the Avengers over and over again. So Brian Michael Bendis decided to replace the traditional heroes with new heroes. But to do that, he needed to kill the predecessors. In 2004’s Avengers Disassembled storyline, Scarlet Witch turns evil and sends a D-list villain called Jack of Hearts to infiltrate the Avengers mansion. Ant-Man ends up exploding after he tries to fight him off. But he is later brought back from the dead when his own daughter uses time travel technology to resurrect him.

 4. He likes eating human flesh

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

Marvel Zombies is one of the better known Marvel comic book series. When the world is taken over by a zombie outbreak that turns humans into cannibalistic monsters, GiAnt-Man is one of the first victims to become a zombie. Zombie GiAnt-Man then becomes the leader of the Zombie Avengers team and fight a war that they were bound to win against Tony Stark and the remaining non-zombie superheroes who had taken refuge in the Helicarrier. Zombie GiAnt-Man even kept Black Panther hostage to use him as an emergency food source. The tables were turned after Tony Stark retrofitted flesh destroying nano-bots into Sand Man’s body and set him loose, destroying the zombie hordes once and for all.

 3. Paul Rudd’s body was too ripped for the Ant-Man suit

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

Superheroes are generally seen as people with exceptionally toned musculature. That is just who they are – bloody perfection. But Paul Rudd, the actor who plays Scott Lang aka the Ant-Man in the MCU took this trope to another level when Michael Douglas, who plays Hank Pym, revealed that Paul Rudd’s muscles were so ripped and the guy was so fit that the costume designers had to tone down the padding and let go of the fake muscles, since Paul Rudd already had too much of the real deal already.

 2. He is a mutant

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

The Ultimates Universe gave us a highly regressive version of Hank Pym. This version of Ant-Man does not derive the powers to shrink and grow in size due to Pym Particles. In fact, he is not even much of a scientist really. His wife, Janet Van Dyne, is actually a mutant and a domestic abuse victim. What Hank Pym did was transfuse her wife’s blood into him, turning into a half mutant with the same powers as his wife.

 1. He is mentally unstable

Ant-Man Facts Marvel

Hank Pym is perhaps the brightest mind in the entire Marvel Comics Universe. But such genius also comes at a price. Hank Pym is a known Schizophrenic. He is a known Domestic Abuser, something his reputation could never recover from and probably never will. He once became so delusional while trying to get out of the shadows of better-known superheroes like Iron Man and the Hulk that he decided to inhale hazardous chemicals that gave him a split personality disorder. His mental instability led to an inferiority complex and the development of general paranoia in his psyche which was the reason he created the Ultron A.I, leading to the despicable Age of Ultron timeline.

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