Batman V Superman: Here’s The Full Plan For Zack Snyder’s Knightmare Scenes

Zack Snyder, the unsung genius that brought us Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition). Justice League should not be considered a Snyder movie as he did not get to finish it, and his vision was totally altered because WB brought in Joss Whedon to finish the movie where Snyder left off.

In pursuit of that, Whedon was actually ordered to change the narrative of the movie to the point where WB felt it was suitable according to them. This called for reshoots that caused the studios an extra $25 Million to an already costly movie. Officially, Snyder departed due to the tragic death of his daughter, but a couple months back, reports started flowing that suggested that Snyder was actually fired from Justice League, and WB used the death of his daughter to give him a send-off and prevent backlash.

Who knows what really happened behind the scenes, but after Snyder started talking about the movie, hinting certain plot points that he had intended for Justice League and JL 2, and supporting the petition for the Snyder Cut of Justice league, it seemed apparent that Snyder was indeed taken off of the project by WB and it was not his choice to leave.

Zack Snyder had some deep and intricate plotting, which set up the story for the future movies, and the biggest example of that was the Knightmare sequence we saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many fans actually did not understand what the whole significance of that scene was, and the scene where we saw the Flash coming back from the future was an even bigger mystery for us.

It hinted a mixed plot of Injustice and Justice League: War that Snyder had intended for Justice League 2. Seeing the big Omega sign on the ground, we always knew that Darkseid was coming to Earth somewhere down the line. Coming of Steppenwolf was to establish the welcome of Darkseid itself. But now, Snyder would not return, and we may never get another Justice League movie ever, because the name is tainted!

Batman V Superman- Knightmare

With Darkseid coming in and Earth decimated in destruction, the sequence also hinted at the death of Superman’s beloved Lois Lane, and Batman possibly being involved in that. That’s what turned Superman into a tyrant, and from there on, the entire Injustice storyline would have come in. Flash coming back to the past to warn Bruce just made all this clear.

Justice League was supposed to acknowledge all this, and lead us directly into Justice League 2. But none of that happened, and Justice League left out a lot of material Snyder had shot, totally ignoring the Knightmare sequence from Batman V Superman. What it did do on a small scale was hint at Cyborg going rogue in Justice League 2 maybe, as now the tech which has saved him can also go out of his control, serving its own agenda at times. This subplot was there as it could not have been altered by Whedon, sitting perfectly in the plot.

So, when it came to JL 2, Snyder had some big things planned. Snyder recently confirmed Justice League 2 connection in BvS. In the final battle after the death of Superman, we saw Batman, Wonder Woman and Lois mourning Superman’s death, and in the background, we saw 3 crosses which represented 3 deaths, but there were only 2. So we reckon that another character would have died in the sequel of Justice League as hinted by Zack Snyder.

With the League coming into formation properly against Darkseid, it was believed that Batman would have had a big possibility to die in Justice League 2, and this would have given Ben Affleck an exit on a high note, and it would have allowed someone else to take the mantle of Batman in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie. And the Knightmare sequence would have come into a great effect. With Superman turning into a tyrant, Cyborg being controlled by Darkseid (maybe), Justice League 2 would have seen the rest of the League including Batman, Diana, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern(s) and possibly Shazam take on Darkseid, the Parademons, Superman and Cyborg. And since, it is a Justice League movie, Sups and Cyborg would have changed sides and joined the League towards the end.

But now, all this has probably been abandoned as DC has ordered a New Gods movie, and Justice League 2 villains were set up to be the Injustice League or the Legion of Doom.

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