Best Fights of Black Widow in MCU Movies

Black Widow Best Fights in MCU:

Black Widow is a member of the Avengers team where most of the members are either God, possess super-soldier powers, or fight in iron suits with ballistics. Despite the presence of such powerful entities, Black Widow successfully stood out as an intimidating hero with her mind-blowing fighting skills and maneuvers. There are countless times when she saved the world and the superheroes’ a*ses from deadly villains, androids, and aliens.

 1. Interrogation in The Avengers

We couldn’t stop grinning when a gang of powerful Russians had tied up Black Widow and assumed themselves to win by capturing her. But Natasha allowed them to capture her on purpose so she could interrogate them without them knowing. She was rather enjoying it and taking her own sweet time until she got a call for Avenger duty. She had to immediately cut shot the fun by untying herself easily, and by kicking some asses and breaking their bones.

 2. When Hawkeye Was Mind-Controlled in the Avengers

Black Widow can effortlessly tackle the strongest of the men. But the most challenging for her was fighting Hawkeye, her friend, and colleague. Yet it didn’t deter her from stopping the brainwashed Hawkeye by kicking his butt. In fact, Natasha’s harsh treatment brought him back to his senses as she banged his head hard.

 3. Dealing With Hammer Security in Iron Man 2

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The assassin was introduced in Iron Man 2 though no one knew her true identity. No one saw a deadly badass resting in her who could break bones without a twitch. As to Happy’s surprise, this undercover SHIELD agent marched through the hallways of Hammer Industries by herself to capture Ivan Vanko, and breaking necks and butts of security staff single-handedly was nothing for her. Her tackling style kicks and jumps were louder than words in describing the new Avenger.

 4. Pirates on S.H.I.E.L.D Ship in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Best Fights Black Widow in MCU

Fans enjoyed watching Captain America and Black Widow’s pairing in this movie as they balance out each other well as a team. Their first challenge in the movie was to free a hijacked ship. After Iron Man 2, it was this moment that cemented Black Widow’s position and capabilities as an Avenger. Using her combat training as a spy and assassin, she effortlessly took out the French pirates.

 5. Bringing Down Proxima Midnight in Avengers: Infinity War

The battle in Wakanda had our hearts thumping as the fate of the superheroes and the world was uncertain. Both sides were powerful and handling one sinister villain called for 2-3 Avengers. However, it was impressive and badass how Black Widow kept herself calm yet vigilant as a result of years of combat training. The most captivating was when Black Widow and Okoye were putting human efforts to handle the powerfully dark Proxima Midnight, Wanda suddenly shows up and telekinetically gave the devil a painful ending.

 6. Fighting Hawkeye, Again in Avengers: Endgame

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This was one of the most engaging fights of Black Widow with her most beloved friend, Hawkeye. There wasn’t any animosity in this tussle but they fought only to save the other. One of them had to sacrifice one’s own life so the partner could obtain the Soul Stone on Vormir and return to the Avengers. The fight had us on the edge of our seats as we knew that only one of them could be saved. Holding our breaths, we watched one trying to thwart the other. Ultimately, Natasha our favorite Avenger succeeded to jump off and sacrifice her life to save her family.

 7. Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War

Best Fights Black Widow in MCU

In the opening scene where most of the Avengers were focused on capturing Crossbones and his allies, all eyes were only on Black Widow. No superpowers can be as interesting to watch as Black Widow’s acrobatic style fighting. It was mind-blowing how she jumped in, fought the goons, and stopped Crossbones from stealing an infectious virus.

 8. Airport Fight in Captain America: Civil War

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This battle was not just limited to Black Widow Vs someone but had the whole Avengers team fight one another. Civil War was the most anticipated fight as we never watched powerful superheroes fight each other. Black Widow was on Iron Man’s side and her paths crossed again with Hawkeye and her least favorite Wanda. Though the plan was just to stop Captain America’s team from leaving, the battle turned ugly. Wanda’s telekinetic powers tried to smash Black Widow but the former assassin rose up stronger and took down Hawkeye and Ant-Man as well. In the end, she surprised her teammates by allowing the Cap to escape. After all, nothing could stop Natasha from protecting her friends, Cap and Hawkeye.

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