10 Easter-Eggs in CW Shows That Confirm Existence of The Dark Knight

Till Now we have seen so many superheroes and Villains on the CW’s Arrowverse. From the smallest unpopular superheroes like Vigilante, Spartan, to the big guns of DC like Superman, The Flash, etc. all have been featured in this connected Universe that the CW has brought to life on TV. Well, although we have already seen Superman on ‘Supergirl’, but the big thing that fans wonder is that when would the Caped Crusader make his first appearance on TV. We have seen various Easter eggs and references that point to Batman’s existence within the Arrowverse. Here are all those Easter eggs that point to the Dark Knight.

The Bludhaven Connection

Bludhaven is the city which is under the protection of Nightwing, the first Robin, and we all know that Nightwing aka Dick Grayson is the sidekick of Batman. Bludhaven was seen firstly back in the Season 1 of Arrow when the connected Universe did not even begin. So, it would be safe to consider that Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne’s existence could be similar to Barry Allen in the Arrowverse.

The Wayne Name

In the first season of The Flash, we saw a future newspaper when Harrison Wells reveals himself as the Reverse Flash. The newspaper pointed out to the disappearance of the Flash in some kind of crisis. What fans might have missed was the name drop of ‘Wayne Tech’. This shows that Bruce Wayne does exist in this universe.

My Friend Bruce

In the second Season of The Flash, we saw him visit Earth 2 where he met his doppelganger of that Earth, i.e. Barry Allen. We saw that the Earth 2 Barry Allen’s telephone has very familiar names written on it which were ‘Dad’, ‘Mom & Dad’, ‘Eddie’, ‘Hal’, ‘Bruce’ and ‘Diana’. Clearly, Bruce Wayne exists on Earth 2, if not Earth 1.

Men of Steel & Dark Knights

In the first season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, we saw Captain Rip Hunter making a very quick and subtle reference that he has seen ‘men of steel die and dark knights fall’. Well, we have already seen Superman on ‘Supergirl’, and this was clearly a hint at both Superman and Batman.

The Vigilante

In the second season of Supergirl, we saw Superman come to team up with his cousin Supergirl, and during his adventures with her, he gives a Batman reference as he says that he “worked with a vigilante once; tons of gadgets, lots of demons”. Jimmy Olsen also becomes a Superhero, the ‘Guardian’ and he also gives a similar reference that he’s worried that people find the Guardian too scary and intimidating, like “Clark’s friend.”

Men with Masks

In the first season of Supergirl, we saw her take on a masked villain in an episode where she clearly gives a Gotham city and Batman reference. She says “I thought masked masks were a thing only in that other city.”

Well, we have seen so many Easter Eggs and references that point to Batman’s existence. This means that at some point, CW is surely going to bring in The Batman appear on a show. here are the ways in which he could appear in the Arrowverse.

Flashpoint 2.0

Another Flashpoint like event can be created in future seasons which can be used as a plot device to bring Bruce Wayne into the alternate timeline. It would be big missed opportunity for DC Comics show not to utilize its biggest superhero to the fullest. Perhaps, in the previous timeline, his parents were alive and he didn’t transform into Batman.

Arrow-Batman Crossover

Just like the newspaper reference above and considering the future keeps changing on the show, an easter-egg can be dropped in the Flash newspaper containing an article about the merger of Wayne Enterprises and Queen Consolidated. Bruce Wayne can travel to Star City to finalize the business deal, but actually, he is hunting a violent criminal (Riddler or Two-face) who escaped Gotham prison, both of them could team-up and take him down for good.

Similar to Superman

We all saw how ‘Supergirl’ brought in the Man of Steel on the show and we have seen references to Batman’s presence on the show, So the future season(s) of the show could also bring in Batman as Superman’s friend/partner as they have already worked with each other before.

Connection with the Teen Titans

dark knight

CW is bringing in a new Superhero show which will not be a part of Arrowverse, but similar to the connection established with Supergirl by CW, the Arrowverse can be expanded even more by making the Titans exist on, say Earth 4. We all know that the Titans will surely bring in or at least reference the Batman.

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