Fast X Director Hints At Possible Major Character Deaths In Final Two Movies

Hey guys, did you hear about the upcoming Fast and Furious movie? Well, Louis Leterrier, Fast X director, has revealed that in the franchise’s final two movies, some key characters might not survive. Leterrier expressed his excitement about helming the second to last movie in the series in an interview with Total Film, saying that nobody is safe anymore.

That’s the beauty of getting to the end of this franchise, he continued: “I don’t have to think, ‘Oh, well, these characters will live forever. ‘ No. It being the end, they might not. Cowboys only galloping off into the sunset in Westerns. This is undoubtedly unique. It gave me some leeway to increase the stakes even higher than they had already been. ” So there you have it, folks. There is no safe character. And the excitement is increased by the fact that.


Leterrier wasn’t even the first choice to helm Fast X, which is shocking. It was originally planned for Justin Lin, who has helmed five films in the series. Lin left the position, though, due to a disagreement with Vin Diesel. It seems that following months of tension, Lin slammed Diesel’s door during a meeting in April 2022. Ouch. But don’t worry, Lin will still produce the movie. Leterrier demonstrated his impressive expertise and love for the franchise to convince Diesel that he was the best candidate for the position.


Leterrier admitted that he completely altered Lin’s original story after joining the film. “I had to make all the changes. I don’t sleep because there is so much to do, so I had to figure out a way to make it work. The ride of a lifetime, though, it was. ” Fast X’s primary antagonist, Dante Reyes, who is portrayed by none other than Jason Momoa, was first introduced to us in the first official trailer. According to the trailer, Dante is seeking retribution against Dom, and keeping with Leterrier’s comments about the stakes of the picture, he promised that the people Dom loves the most might perish in the process. Yikes.


Momoa’s Dante is the best male antagonist the franchise has yet seen, according to Fast X star Michelle Rodriguez. “Revenge with a grin. The movie will make it crystal clear to you what I’m talking about, despite how light it may sound. Fast X will therefore be released in theaters on May 19; be prepared for some heart-pounding action and to say goodbye to some of your favorite characters.

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