Let this Sunday be your Lazy Day

Do you know what our biggest achievement of this era is?
We are still, on our own, taking in air to breathe! Otherwise the kind of busy lives we all are living, we would soon be using a machine that would breathe in oxygen for us because we won’t be having enough time to even breathe!

Am I right? Or … Am I right?

Come on guys! What is wrong with us?
We earn so that we can live the lives of our dream! You go back to your home every evening so that you can relax, but No! We carry laptops back to our home so that we can complete our leftover work.

You need to relax too! And the best way to do that is……
“Celebrate a Lazy Day!”

Sunday be your Lazy Day
Sunday be your Lazy Day


Have you ever thought of something that can help you restore the peace of your mind? Help you change your mood? Re-nourish your body?

Have you ever thought of spending a lazy day once every week?

If not, then think about it now! Celebrate your lazy day!

Celebrations are here!

Wake up late

Your alarm clock would not feel dejected if you don’t use it for a day. Let your alarm clock doze off one day and get up late.


Have your lazy bed morning tea

Prepare a strong tea for yourself and have it on your bed in a free mind mode. Think of nothing at all! Just relax.

Wear your favorite pajamas

Put on your favorite pair of pajamas. Loosen up yourself and feel the air penetrating into your pajamas.


Choose a comfortable place to sit

Sunday be your Lazy Day
Sunday be your Lazy Day

Select a place for yourself where you can sit with lots of pillows and a blanket surrounding you.

Make all the arrangements

Set everything around you so that nothing comes between you and your lazy day.

  • Get your popcorns and other eatables.
  • Keep the remote by your side.
  • Throw your phone aside.
  • Make yourself comfortable

Have a movie marathon

Watch movies, movie and movies! Try and watch more of funny movies because of the cardiovascular benefits of laughter! It will make your day. Trust me!

Re-read a book

Smell the book you read a month ago. Re-read it. It not only helps you exercise your brain but re-reading also helps you emotionally connect to the characters.



“Life is all about balancing —
If life is about working hard, life is also about being lazy!”

Sunday be your Lazy Day
Sunday be your Lazy Day


There should be no guilt, no regrets that you wasted 24 hours of your life doing absolutely nothing! In fact, I would say you regained the 24 hours of your life!

There is nothing wrong with BEING LAZY!


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