5 Siblings Who Hate Each Other In Marvel Universe

The rivalry is a very common thing, and when it is about two kids coming from the same family, that gives birth to sibling rivalry, which even our superheroes aren’t free from. In many comics there are some superheroes who can’t stand the sight of each other or are eternal rivals, here is a list of 5 siblings who hate each other In Marvel Universe.

Starfox And Thanos

Firstly, did you even know that Thanos even had a brother? Starfox is the brother of Thanos, and the two brothers are absolutely poles apart. While both are the sons of Mentor, the leader of the Titan colony, there could not be any more difference in anyone than in these two. Thanos is merciless and villainous while Starfox is very lighthearted, born with the Deviant gene, Thanos wants to court death while Starfox always has a lady in his bedroom. Thanos, jealous of his brother has tried to kill him loads of times, always failing though.

Scott And Alex Summers

It is quite natural for siblings to be jealous of each other, especially if one of them is Cyclops. Alex Summers was Scott’s brother and very different to him. He wanted to become a graduate while Scott wanted nothing more than to be an X-Man. Eventually even Alex joins the team and also becomes the leader of the X-Factor, but the dude is in constant self-doubt, second-guessing himself as he feels he’s not as great a leader as his brother.

Cain and Charles Xavier

Charles Xavier and Cain were step brothers having the same father. Curt, their father married Sharon Xavier. Being a strict disciplinarian Kurt used to inhumantly beat Cain. Now one would think a strict step dad would being the two brothers closer, we couldn’t be any more wrong, he never beat Charles, Cain developed jealously and resented Charles, while serving the army he got Cyttorak, the Crimson gem, that turned him into Juggernaut, the unstoppable force.

Wolverine And Sabertooth

There is no need to say anything about the hate that these two brothers have for each other. Victor Creed in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine can be clearly seen killing the love of Wolverine, not out of hate but so as to accomplish his mission of getting Wolvie mad enough to go for the Weapon X programme. Well, if that’s not enmity, we don’t know what is.

Thor And Loki

No one needs to even say a word further. Their names are more than enough to incite violence in siblings and shatter families. Brothers fight, sure they do, but they don’t try to kill each other, or even if they do that they don’t try to steal every bit of happiness from the other one. Probably the biggest failure of Odin, the ‘All Father’ pun, absolutely intended.

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