Team Arrow Lost Another One of Its Members

Call it a curse, call it karma, or anything! It is just that Team Arrow can’t catch a break, like anytime! Good news for Team Arrow comes like never. They just can’t celebrate. The latest episode was another one of those moments.


Ragman Rory lost his power and left team arrow

While we have the fan favourite, John Diggle back, the team lost one of its major members. The team recently lost Artemis, who betrayed them to Prometheus. Now, another one of the new recruits going down is just more bad news for them.

Ragman isn’t dead. The only reason Rory aka Ragman has left Team Arrow is because the rags that gave him his power got seriously damaged and have stopped working. These rags protected him from nuclear blast orchestrated by Damien Darhk at the end of season 4. What is odd, is that the rags that survived that annihilation were damaged by a second close range grenade blast. Rory threw himself on the grenade to protect the team. Thus, the thing that made him special was taken out of the picture.

With his powers gone, Rory called himself a liability on the team and recused himself. His character may still stick around. Almost at the end of the episode, we see him talking sense into Felicity regarding the Helix hackers.

As we have seen this season, with the new recruits that all of them had weak moments. Both Curtis and Rene thought that they were a liability on the team. It’s almost like a trend in Arrow. You call yourself “useless”, then someone inspires you and then again you are back in action. Thus, Rory might not wear the rags again, but he is far from done. Of course, he might not be the exclusive member in the same regard, but more of a recurring helper.

Let us hope for some good news for the team that keeps on losing! Cheerios.

Aditya Goel

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