5 Best Horror Movies Made in Hollywood

Watching a horror movie is super fun when the ambiance is scary. And the best time to watch a horror movie is on a chilly night wrapped in a blanket. Here is a list of five best horror movies made in Hollywood.

The Exorcist


By far the best of this genre ever. Even if you ignore the special effects, the movie is superbly acted and directed. It is considered as one of the cult horror movies of all time. Many films have been inspired by this classic. This movie based on possession, for many years, has been scaring the hell out of everyone. No matter how many times you have watched it, Exorcist never bores you with its fear elements.

A Nightmare on Elm Street


The ultimate fear is the fear of going to sleep. Watch it at night alone accompanied by cold winds. And you surely will have Goosebumps all over your body. I have personally seen many people unable to watch the full movie alone at night.

But again the biggest fun in watching a horror movie is to watch it at night. So if you haven’t watched the movie yet, do watch it ASAP.

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My name is Tathagata Das, I am from Kolkata. Tg is my nickname and I use it as my screen name in movies. I am a scriptwriter by profession in Bengali film industry. I love playing chess, listening music, travelling, observing different people.
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