5 Best Horror Movies Made in Hollywood



Poltergeist which is a German for “noisy ghost“ is a film which has a perfect amount of scary. This American movie produced by Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper is a story of a family whose home has been invaded malevolent ghost that abducts the families younger daughter. The famous clown scene is considered as one of the best scariest scenes ever. Many more movies have been inspired by this horror flick.



The great sci-fi horror film of all time is at number four. This movie established that Aliens are not always too friendly like E.T. This Ridley Scott movie was first of its kind and has many sequels to its name. To be specific three sequels till date. The best part of the movie is its pacing; it takes the time to develop the scene. The music adds to the flavor and does a great thing for the movie.

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