Captain Marvel Became the Reason Why Kang Murdered His Son

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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have just gotten a hint of Kang the Conqueror from the Disney+ series Loki. But the character actually has a long history in the Marvel Comics Universe and continues to have a long narrative there. Some might say that it is actually rather exciting to see this narrative come to life as it gives us a chance to imagine some of the most exciting things that might be coming up. The tale of Kang the Conqueror is not the simplest one in the Marvel comics and that just goes to show how interesting this character will end up being. Let’s take a look at why Kang murdered his son.

Kang The Conqueror

The MCU gave us a taste of Kang the Conqueror with the Disney+ series Loki. There is much hype regarding this character since there are rumors that he might actually be the next big baddie following Thanos. We are yet to see him fully establish himself but things are already starting to develop. Jonathan Majors has already shown the excitement he has for the character and this goes to show that MCU will definitely deliver. Kang the Conqueror will be seen as the prime antagonist in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Fans of the character must be excited considering the wide variety of narratives that can be picked for him from the comics. Like the time Kang killed his son, Marcus as Marcus betrayed him.


Why Kang Murdered His Son

The Kang Dynasty arc explores the father-son duo of Kang the Conqueror and Marcus arriving on Earth in the sword-shaped warship Damocles Base. After watching the countless disasters throughout the multiverse, Kang decides to conquer Earth. Kang makes this process challenging for the Avengers to prevent by declaring anyone who conquers parts of Earth will be a part of his new world order. But still, Kang gets defeated by the Avengers and this actually surprises him. In a parallel narrative, we find out that Marcus was in love with Carole Danvers who would later end up being Captain Marvel. This led to him making the challenge easier for the Avengers. Upon discovering that he has been betrayed by his own kin, Kang ends up killing his son.


Why Kang Murdered His Son

This narrative actually unfolded in Avengers issues #41 to #55 which ran during 2001. During the events of #48, Marcus actually intervenes in a battle between Carol Danvers and the supervillain Eshu. He actually ends up saving her love. But Marcus wasn’t aware that he wasn’t the very first of Kang’s sons but he was only another one of the clones of his son. All the previous versions of him had the same issue that was love for Carol Danvers. Marcus ends up talking to her and his admiration only increases for her. Before leaving her he mentions that if they require any help from him then they can.


Later in the narrative, Warbird aka Carol Danvers heads to the Damocles Base in order to destroy the main core. She pauses upon realizing that Marcus was guarding but still manages to end up destroying it. When the ship starts to damage and crash towards Earth, Kang manages to get Marcus to escape using a pod. The Kang war is now over and we see Kang being sent to prison. In the cell, Kang feels content that he would die as he was proud of his various achievements. He was well aware that he was going to be executed but he was glad he had his son who would be a worthy heir. But Marcus ends up coming to this prison and helping him escape from here. Kang feels disappointed about being released from the prison he did not want to be saved. He tells Marcus the truth about his various duplicates and then stabs him because of the latter’s betrayal.


Why Kang Murdered His Son

It’s one of the most interesting arcs in the Marvel comics world as we see that Marcus’s love was one of his most deadly flaws. We see that this obsession for Carol Danvers does not stop and is actually quite similar to Kang’s own obsessions and yet he absolutely hates it. This actually goes to show the depth that this character has and we get a chance to explore the interesting narrative that adds a lot of layers.

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