Baby Yoda & The Powerpuff Girls Technically Exist in the Marvel Universe

Baby Yoda & The Powerpuff Girls Exist in Marvel:

The Marvel Universe is so vast that most of the times, characters from other universes end up making cameos or get referred to through smartly placed Easter Eggs. You’d be surprised to know that Pikachu joined the Nova Corps. back in 2008. And now, we’ve got references to the likes of Powerpuff girls and Baby Yoda. These references suggest the fact that these two child pleasing properties actually exist in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel making Star Wars references is quite easy to believe as both of them fall under Disney’s massive umbrella. In fact, we’ve seen multiple Star Wars references in the MCU and even in the Marvel comics. And now, in the prelude issue of the upcoming Empyre event – Empyre #0: Fantastic Four, Baby Yoda gets a name drop by none other than the son of Mr. Fantastic, Franklin Richards.

Baby Yoda & The Powerpuff Girls Exist in Marvel

In this story, the Fantastic Four end up on an alien planet for a refill as they run out of gas. Here, the Profiteer (who is the Elder of the Universe) runs a gladiator arena much like the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok. This is where an audience gathers to see the Kree and Skrulls fight against each other. Franklin & Valeria Richards end up in a casino while the elders of the Fantastic family are on a different mission. Since Franklin & Valeria are children, they aren’t allowed to enter at the Casino.

But we all are aware of the fact that these are no ordinary children. They are not only among the strongest, but they are also the smartest like their parents. It takes Franklin no time whatsoever to trick guard into letting them enter. Upon being stopped by the alien guard, here’s what Franklin tells the him: “No, we’re Valerians, an ancient race that ages very slowly. We’re hundreds of years old.” The doorman doesn’t question any further, and Valeria gets quite surprised. She asks where exactly did Franklin come up with the idea of Valeria, and he simply replies – “Baby Yoda. If he can be fifty…”

Baby Yoda & The Powerpuff Girls Exist in Marvel

So clearly, Baby Yoda technically exists in the Marvel Universe. Now let’s go deep into thinking whether Baby Yoda aka the Child is an actual character in the Marvel comics, or is it a pop culture references that Franklin made, with The Mandalorian being a TV series in Marvel comics as well. Either way, it was a cool way to use the cuddly force sensitive 50-year-old child. Another reference that Franklin made here was of Star Trek. He said that that he & his sister are “Valerians, an ancient race that ages very slowly” In Star Trek, Spock is a Valerian who ages very slowly. So, you get the point.

Now let’s see how the Powerpuff girls are also a part of the Marvel Universe. Their reference also comes from the same prelude issue of the upcoming Empyre event. After Franklin and Valeria enter the casino, they try their hand at many games like the intergalactic craps and poker. While they are at the Poker table, they run into an alien that’d seem very familiar to us. Take a look:

Baby Yoda & The Powerpuff Girls Exist in Marvel

This chimp that’s playing Poker beside Franklin looks exactly like Mojo Jojo. Obviously, he isn’t given a name in the issue. But it is clear for Marvel to be referring to the fact that Mojo Jojo and even the Powerpuff girls exist in the Marvel Universe. Now that’s awesome. Just imagine if the Powerpuff girls were to run into the Marvel characters later on. We know that it obviously won’t happen, but at least we can imagine this crazy crossover.

Would you like to see the Powerpuff girls crossing over into Marvel comics? How would you feel if Baby Yoda showed up somewhere down the line? Tell us in the comments down below.

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