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10 Marvel Characters Galactus Could Not Beat Till Now

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded at an unprecedented pace. Things have gone from relatively slow to absolutely explosive in the MCU. It is partly because of the onslaught of the content we’ve got owing to the back-to-back releases. It has made fans wonder about what is next for the MCU, mainly which big villain will act as the series Climax. Galactus has been at the center of a lot of speculation, so we collected all the Marvel characters Galactus could not beat till now, just to show how different the comics are.

Fantastic Four

Galactus is a staple villain in the adventures of the Fantastic Four. They have defeated him numerous times. The Silver surfer has been their ardent ally and a recurring character in their comics. This story even leaked into movies when Galactus was the main villain of Fantastic Four 2. No matter what the devourer of worlds throws at them, the first family of Marvel always manages to rise to the top. Especially after the inclusion of Franklin Richards.



The Mad Titan is far more superior in the comics. We even made a post about how Thanos in the MCU is extremely weak. He is one of those Marvel characters Galactus could not beat ever. Every time these two apocalypse-sized beings have fought Thanos has come out on top. In the 16-parter Thanos comics, we even saw that an old Thanos in the future was using Galactus’ skull as a throne room. Cosmic powers do not scare the Mad titan. He has a habit of scoffing at your efforts and snapping your neck.


Doctor Doom

Characters Galactus could not beat

There was a time when God Doom ruled the multiverse, he defeated everyone and everything. But Dr. Doom is also a very powerful character without the powers of the Beyonder. This is evidenced by the fact that he enslaved Galactus once. Doom’s greatest weapon is his intelligence paired with his proficiency in magic. The crazy doctor captured Galactus and turned him into a battery once. He did this to power Latveria. Few have ever been able to Dominate Galactus like this. Doom is truly a formidable foe.



Magus was an evil version of Adam Warlock from the future. He was born out of pure chaos and took the marvel universe by storm when he collected the infinity gauntlet in the Infinity War comic. In response to this several people in the marvel, comicverse decided to tackle the villain. Galactus was one of these people. Magus did not even bother to interact with Galactus. Instead, he outsmarted the devourer and became one of the few Marvel Characters Galactus Could Not Beat.



The ancient Norse God Of Thunder is a force to be reckoned with. Practically speaking, this God’s power has no upper limit. His strength and powers grow the older he gets. A God’s true strength is his connection to the universe, and Thor is a beast. But in this case, Galactus outshines him in raw power. Still, The God of Thunder has managed to beat the devourer back every time they have fought. He does this through grit and determination.



The Infinity Gauntlet Saga in comics secured the Avengers’ victory against Thanos. Similarly, during The Trial Of Galactus storyline, the Avengers stepped in to help Reed Richards and his family. They were able to wear the cosmic being down through their teamwork and constant onslaught. But they also learned that Galactus should never be underestimated, even if he is severely weakened. The being has the power to decimate everything in any state.


Doctor Strange

Characters Galactus could not beat

Strange was also part of the team that defeated Galactus during The Trial Of Galactus. But the sorcerer supreme’s contribution was something special. He used his mystical powers to confront Galactus with the souls of all the beings he had ever killed. This made for a very interesting comic panel and subjected Galactus to a kind of mental and spiritual attack he could have never predicted. Needless to say, the devourer of worlds was shaken to his rotten core.


Ultimates/ Lifebringer

The Ultimates is a later version of a superhero team consisting of  Blue Marvel, Captain Marvel, Spectrum, America, and Black Panther. They have the power to beat any foe but they choose to go around the universe and solve problems. One of the biggest challenges they ever faced was Galactus. They ended up locking Galactus in his incubation pod and transforming him into a hero by the name of Lifebringer. This made him into one of the most powerful heroes on their team.


The Living Tribunal

Avengers: Endgame Greater Threat

The Infinity Gauntlet comic established that nothing can ever defeat The Living Tribunal. Even the Infinity stones could not stand up to them so it makes sense that they would overpower Galactus easily. There is no point in battling The Living tribunal because it would be fruitless. So Galactus does not even have a chance and loses this round because of a technicality.


Age Of Apocalypse X-Men In What if

In a What if…? comic Galactus came face to face with Age of Apocalypse versions of all X-Men. Of course, they were overpowered. Apocalypse had made them into killing machines with their abilities turned up to the max. In the What If version the team of X-men beat the devourer back with their sheer will and power. Weapon X even kills Silver Surfer in this universe.

Those were all the Marvel characters Galactus could not beat. Did you like this List? Did we miss anyone from the comics? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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