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20 Most Powerful DC Artifacts – Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

The DC universe is filled with several powerful objects of mystical, technological, and cosmic nature. These objects can cause massive chaos in the wrong hands and easily tear the DC universe into a new one. So, here are the 20 Most Powerful DC Artifacts. We’ve ranked from least to most powerful.

The Candle of Neron

The Candle of Neron can transport you to hell. In Underworld Unleashed, every time the candle is lit it transports the one who lit it to hell at the cost of the person’s soul.

Bracelets of Submission

The Bracelets of Submission were created by the Amazons for Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. The bracelets can deflect bullets and release a massive energy surge if banged together.

The Heart of Darkness

The Heart of Darkness is mined on the planet of Apokolips. The Heart of Darkness houses the spirit of Eclipso – the manifestation of God’s Wrath. Whoever possesses one becomes possessed and incredibly strong and durable.

The Lasso of Truth

The Lasso was created by Hephaestus, The God of Fire, in the comics. The Lasso can not only compel someone to tell the truth but also eliminate hypnosis and is incredibly strong.

The Cosmic Treadmill

The Cosmic Treadmill was designed by Barry Allen in 1961 for staying fit and the occasional time travel. The treadmill can also give its user superpowers. When the treadmill exploded, Hunter Zolomon became Zoom.

The Staff of Gog

William Matthews was given the staff as a gift from a host of different Gods of different pantheons. He used it to travel back in time and kill Superman again and again and again. He also used it to kill Mr. Mxyzptlk.

The Spear of Destiny

The Spear was pierced Christ’s body and was thus bestowed mystical abilities. Whoever holds the Spear is granted mind control abilities. Hitler used it to turn everyone who opposed him into a Nazi.

The Lazarus Pit

The Lazarus Pit can be used to bring back the dead, heal lethal wounds, and if a person takes regular baths in it, grants immortality. The Pit has side effects but they are pretty minor compared to how powerful it is.

Nth Metal

The Nth Metal is much more than the Thanagarian Empire’s greatest weapon. Apart from granting flight, it can also resurrect its user and grant him/her enhanced psychic and energy manipulation abilities.


The All-Blade is made out of pure evil. When the user spills his blood on it, the All-Blade activates and gives him the ability to fend off and kill magic-based foes. It can also be used to kill Gods.


The Godkiller was forged by Hephaestus and given to Deathstroke to kill the Titan Lapetus. The weapon can change its form into any other weapon, absorb and redirect energy, and was strong enough to hurt Superman.

The Motherbox

The Motherbox can grant its user teleportation, enhanced physical attributes, and energy manipulation powers. It also is a sentient living computer and does anything it can to save its user. It derives its power from the Source.


The Fatherbox was a twisted version of the Motherbox that had the added ability to possess the entire amassed knowledge of the New Gods. The downside was that it will turn its user evil.

The Mobius Chair

The Mobius Chair grants whoever sits on it absolute knowledge. The person becomes omniscient and possesses all the knowledge of the Multiverse. Batman once sat on it and became the God of Knowledge.

The Rock of Eternity

The Rock of Eternity was forged by the Wizard 5000 years ago by combining a rock from heaven and another rock from hell. The Rock is powerful enough to house the Seven Deadly Sins as well as several demonic monsters.


A bullet made of Radion can travel back in time. That was the thing that killed Orion, an immortal New God. In Final Crisis, Batman uses the same bullet to kill Darkseid and end his reign of Evil.

The Book of Destiny

The Book of Destiny is also known as the Cosmic Log and the Book of Souls. First introduced in the 1970s, the book contains information about all events about the past, the present, and the future of this universe.

The Helmet of Fate

Created by the Lord of Order Nabu, The Helmet of Fate is the most powerful supernatural artifact of the DC universe. It allows its wearer to cast any form of spell imaginable. The Helmet of Fate houses Nabu’s mind.

White Lantern Ring

There are seven different Lantern Rings but each has its own limitation. The White Lantern ring has none. It not only grants the user the standard lantern powers but also bestows them the ability to create and control life.

The Miracle Machine

The Miracle Machine is the ultimate artifact of the DC Universe. It can grant any wish or desire. Superman used it to recreate reality when Darkseid subdues the World after learning of the Anti-Life Equation in Final Crisis.

It would be interesting to see if some of them were to be used in the upcoming DC movies.

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