10 Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters – Ranked

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters:

The greatest of all heroes form the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes aka the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. But the Marvel Mainstream Universe is not the only universe to house powerful warriors. The Multi Verse concept has given rise to an infinite number of universes, each with their own version of heavy hitters. Some of them are not even Avengers. Forget Avengers, some of them are not even one of the good guys. The Ultimate Universe was started as a side project for Marvel Comics. At that time, Marvel Comics was doing exceedingly bad in sales and their movies were also not doing that great. The Ultimate Universe was Marvel’s way of trying to start a new era of superheroes with a fresh back story for each of their major characters. The Ultimate Universe was darker and more realistic. It also had way more powerful characters than a typical fan could ever imagine.

 10. Magician

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

The Magician was an obscure character that debuted in the mainstream marvel comic book universe a while ago. Magician’s Powers revolve around the manipulation of cosmic reality. He is a human mutant with the power of controlling the fabric of the universe. While reality manipulation is now a dime a dozen for ability in the Marvel Universe, the Magician’s ability is different in the sense that he can control the fate of an entire planet without even putting as much thought or effort into it. The Magician was not even aware that he was controlling events that were taking shape in the far reaches of the planet through his subconscious mind. When he realized that he was losing control of his powers, he escaped to a secret location to get a grip of his out of control abilities.

 9. Loki

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

The God of Mischief of the Ultimate Universe would be like the benchmark for the Loki of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was everything Tom Hiddleston’s Loki would ever want to be. Loki, in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, was a God amongst Gods. He could control the historical flow of events. By using magic and Asgardian abilities bestowed on him, Loki had the power to change the past and alter the timeline as he saw fit. Moreover, Loki could summon armies to defend him if push comes to shove. Another important ability was that he was invulnerable and impermeable to Thor’s powers. Neither his lightning nor his Hammer would work against the God of Mischief. It was only Odin who decided to step in and add binding constraints on his son that Loki’s power levels came down.

 8. Tesseract

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

Tesseract, fortunately, is one of the good guys. The only problem is he was a candle whose flame died too young. Tesseract could, in theory, become the most powerful being in the entire Multi-Verse. His ability allows him to combine himself with every known alternate universe version to have ever lived. The more combinations happen, the powerful he becomes. Since the Multi-Verse consists of limitless universes containing limitless versions of Tesseract, there is literally no ceiling to his power level. His threat was so great that even Thanos had trouble dealing with it and so decided to kidnap him and turn him into his slave. Tesseract served Thanos and then was carefully dispatched by Ronan using the Cosmic Cube before he could become too much of a threat to handle.

 7. The Maker

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

Reed Richards is generally considered as one of the smartest minds on Planet Earth, no matter the universe. In the Ultimate Universe, Reed Richards is not just a super-smart guy but also a die-hard supervillain. Reed Richards used a forbidden mind-mapping technology to increase the limits of his already vast intelligence levels. He is now infinitely more intelligent than any known version of Reed Richards in the Multi-Verse. He has no moral compass and no ideals as well. He will do anything he possibly can to ensure his will and technology is imposed over the whole world. His Techno-Bots are more powerful than an Asgardian and have successfully invaded the entire world in his name.

 6. Thanos

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

Like Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards is smart no matter the universe, Thanos is the bad guy no matter where we go in the Marvel Multi-Verse. In the mainstream Universe, Thanos is an exile of the Eternals who was cast out because of his beliefs. He would then start a cult under his name and go after objects of absolute power like the Heart of the Universe and the Infinity Gauntlet. In the Ultimate Universe, Thanos is not after the Infinity Stones. What he is after is the Cosmic Cube. Using the Cube, Thanos enhanced his already impressive set of abilities. He is also the ruler of a huge interstellar empire. Thanos is stronger than the Hulk and more durable than him. He is also a very powerful telepath, able to bend an entire army to his will. He also has the power to resurrect anyone, including himself, effectively making him immortal.

 5. Xorn

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

Xorn’s real name is Shen Yin, a Chinese human mutant with the power of using a black hole on his head to create fantastic effects. It was later revealed that Xorn is actually Magneto in disguise. In the Ultimate Universe, Xorn is not an impostor. He is actually Shen-Yen and he does have a Black Hole inside his forehead. Xorn got his powers after consuming a special serum called the Source. He then led the Ultimate Universe’s Eternals against The Maker’s Children of Tomorrow, a group of super-evolved henchmen that did the Evil Reed Richards’ bidding. When the Eternals started to lose, Xorn used his black hole powers to suck the entire army of the Children of Tomorrow into himself.

 4. The Silver Searcher

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

While the Silver Surfer was the holder of the Power Cosmic and a Herald o Galactus, Norin Radd of the Ultimate Universe did not derive his power from the Power Cosmic bestowed by Galactus. He was also not the servant of the Devourer of Worlds. Instead, the master of the “Silver Searcher” was Psycho-Man, the Universe’s most powerful telepath. In this universe as well, the Silver Surfer betrays his master after meeting the Fantastic Four on Earth. The power of the Silver Searcher is derived from the core of a star that is placed within him. He can survive the Phoenix Force. He is powerful enough to obliterate entire continents.

 3. Odin

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

At his absolute prime, Odin was said to be stronger than any known entity in the Marvel Ultimate Universe. As a matter of fact, he was said to be strong enough to take every superhero, super villain and Cosmic God at the same time if need be. Odin’s first and foremost objective was the protection of Asgard and its legacy. He decided to lend his powers to people like Thor’s Hammer and Loki. Odin even had the power to take away the powers of any Asgardian God or Goddess. His intention was that he wanted Asgard to survive even after his departure since he may not be able to stick around for too long. His plans to protect Asgard came to a screeching halt when the Maker’s Children of Tomorrow carved a new one out of him when they invaded Asgard.

 2. Gah Lak Tus

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

Gah Lak Tus is just who he sounds like. In the Ulti8mate Universe, Gah Lak Tus is not actually one guy but a swarm of robotic sentries that devour entire worlds. Gah Lak Tus was created by the Kree who intended to use him as a superweapon to conquer entire planets in a single whim. The swarm soon gained sentience and realized that the only way to protect the universe is by replacing all organic life with inorganic ones. Gah Lak Tus would later merge with the Galactus of the mainstream universe and become immensely more powerful.

 1. The One Above All

Most Powerful Marvel Ultimate Universe Characters

It does not matter which universe’s characters we are ranking, the one who always tops the list is the entity that created the Multi-Verse. The one Above All exists in every universe, even the Ultimates Universe. His powers are well beyond human understanding. He never ever participates in the happenings of the universes. But his true power could be comprehended from the fact that the only being that the Living Tribunal answers to is none other than the One Above All.

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