10 Marvel Characters Who Have Broken Adamantium

While adamantium is supposed to be unbreakable, there are a lot of characters who have done this unthinkable deed. Be it Cap’s shield or Wolverine’s skeleton. They all have been broken. Here is a list of some of the few characters who’ve done this:

(Note: Cap’s shield is not just vibranium but an amalgamation of vibranium, uranium, and adamantium)

Doctor Doom

During ‘Marvel Superhero Secret Wars’ when all the heroes and villains are asked to fight each other by the Beyonder, Doctor Doom actually steals some power of the Beyonder for himself. After all, villains have lost he asks the heroes to serve him, which they obviously refuse. This results in him hitting them all with a powerful blow of lightning destroying Captain America’s shield.


This one though is a word of mouth, but we’ll take it as it is the word of mouth of a God. Thor once hits Adamantium, denting it and says that he could easily break it if he pounded on it over and over again. Not just that, he in one arc, has even destroyed a version of Ultron. Even though it can’t be said that it was pure adamantium, it still was adamantium though. That is proof enough for us believe him.

Scott Summers

As shocking as this may seem, Scott has actually done that. Not our Scott from the X- Men, but when Xavier’s son goes to the past in order to kill Magneto even before he was born, young Xavier gives his life to save his friend changing a lot of things amongst them is Scott working for Apocalypse, while Wolvie got his adamantium, Scott just with the help of his optic blasts destroys his arm laced with adamantium.


Well, the case with this big green angry dude is that there is no upper limit to his strength. If in World War Hulk he could destroy the Earth, he can surely go on destroying adamantium. Not just that, in the ‘What if’ series, the Hulk actually kills Wolverine by snapping his back, which is breaking his vertebrae, and that for sure was adamantium.



Thanos, the Mad Titan when got the Infinity Gauntlet, used it to first kill half the world’s population. When Captain America decided to attack Thanos, in order to buy silver surfer some time so that he could take the Gauntlet from his hand, Thanos breaks his shield easily. Silver Surfer misses his hand and eventually, Thanos kills Cap with a backhand to his neck.

Ultimate Hulk

In the Ultimate Universe, the adamantium doesn’t have same powers as it has in the regular Marvel universe. The Ultimate Hulk, for instance, broke an adamantium needle which was used on him in the early “Ultimates” and it wasn’t that much of a struggle. The most famous instance, however, happened later in “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk” where Nick Fury sends Wolverine to kill the Hulk. The two come face to face on the Himalayas and the battle ended up with the Ultimate Hulk tearing apart Wolverine in halves and throwing them in two different parts of the mountain where he found him.

King Thor

Thor became King Thor after one of the deaths of Odin and gains all his powers and became even more powerful. The Asgard ended up on the Earth and Thor gains thousands of new worshippers on the planet who start to treat him like their god. Ultimately, he ended up being the conqueror of the planet after the earth’s superheroes find defeat against him in the battle and where he melted Wolverine’s body using Odinforce and broke Captain America’s shield and killed him in the process. Soon he realizes how things have gotten and goes back in time and changes everything by showing future to his younger self.

Ultimate Valkyrie

During the “Ultimatum” crossover, Thor was killed in a battle against Magneto while his lover, Valkyrie, manages to survive and take on his Mjolnir. She then attacks the Ultimates in order to bring Thor back to life. She attacks Captain America and breaks his adamantium shield (his shield is made up of adamantium ‘only’ in the ultimate universe) using her magical sword. She later brought Thor back to life by trading her life for his.

The Serpent

During “Fear Itself” Cul came back to life and started using his fear powers to turn every individual on the planet to turn against one another. He also had a battle against Captain America where he broke his shield in moments like it was nothing. He was ultimately defeated by Thor who also dies in the process.


When Hulk picked up Nul’s hammer- The World-Breaker, his body came into the possession of Nul and Nul in the new body (of Hulk) became stronger than ever. He then took on a fight with Dracula who used the adamantium net to trap Nul but was shocked to see him tearing apart the adamantium net. Eventually, Hulk broke free of Nul’s control and Nul was stopped.

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