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5 Great Nexus Beings In The Marvel Universe

The world of Marvel is full of people who have special abilities like flight, strength, super speed, and more. But there are only a few who have the power to wreck the reality and multiverse. They are known as Nexus Beings in the Marvel Universe. They can influence the flow of time and probability to alter the future. There have been a few events where the Nexus beings caused huge shifts in the multiverses. A few believe that every universe has one Nexus being.

According to Marvel Comics, Nexus Beings are very powerful and can cause temporal changes in the timeline. They can destroy the Time Keepers. As a result of the damage done by the Nexus Beings, Uatu the Watcher was forced to join the Time Variance Authority and preserve the timeline. Now MCU is planning to introduce a lot of new characters on screen in the next few years. The list includes a bunch of superheroes and villains. Now considering the plans of the MCU, we might get to see more Nexus Beings being introduced on the big screen. We will get to see their powers being explored along with the story related to their origins. Now let’s have a look at a few Nexus beings in the Marvel Universe.

1. Alternate Universe Nexus Beings

The comic book fans might remember the “Timequake” issue of the “What If” series. It introduced a lot of Nexus Beings among the multiverse. This includes Ultra-Vision from Earth-90110, Franklin Richards from Earth-772, Phoenix of Earth-9250, Odin of Earth -9260, and Scarlet Witch of Earth-616. They are targeted by the Time Twisters who recruited another version of Immortus to go from one reality to another and stealing powers from these powerhouses.

2. Scarlet Witch

Nexus Beings In The Marvel Universe

Scarlet Witch was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The character has the power of mental manipulation and managed to weaken the Avengers for a few minutes. Now she is the most powerful being in Earth-616. It was also revealed in WandaVision that Wanda gets her powers from Chaos Magic and it can alter realities. Wanda’s hexes let her shift reality around her and make everything possible without the need to struggle much. WandaVision explored the real capabilities of Wanda Maximoff and there is a lot more left to be seen. And now Doctor Strange 2 might establish her as a Nexus Being.

3. Kang the Conqueror

Compared to others, Kang the Conqueror aka Nathaniel Richards uses the mode of technology rather than magic to become the most invincible and formidable being in the Marvel Universe. The character hails from the 30th century of Earth-6311. He has traveled across time from the dawn of the universe and plans to conquer the multiverse. Because of his countless adventures across time, the character has lived through the millennium and has various identities and reincarnations. Kang the Conqueror made his debut in Fantastic Four and was a distant descendant of Reed Richards. The character is going to make his MCU debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

4. Sise-Neg

Nexus Beings In The Marvel Universe

Sise-Neg is a sorcerer from the 31st Century of Earth-74113. In that place, mankind has become an expert in wielding magic and has drained the Earth of the limited mystic energy. Sise-Neg advised a time-traveling way to get more mystic powers and goes back in history when magic forces were created. He absorbs all these powers through time and he crosses paths with Doctor Strange’s nemesis, Baron Mordo after he finds a way to travel back in time and steal magic in Sise-Neg’s writings. But after siphoning powers off Shuma-Gorath, Sise-Neg attains some wisdom to alter reality and leave the universe like it is.

5. Merlyn

Merlyn was also a sorcerer and wizard and is an iconic character in the Marvel Universe and served as the Sorcerer Supreme once. He had a dedication to honing his mystic powers and this elevated him as a central figure in the magical realm of the Otherworld. He had a responsibility to protect the Omniverse and formed the Captain Britain Corps, which was a team of matrix-powered individuals to safeguard the realities. Merlyn’s origins are filled with mystery since his past is full of contradiction, intentional misdirection, and manipulations. It is believed that on Earth-148, he was born as a member of a race of immortal and powerful beings.

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