5 Superpowers of X-23 You Probably Had No Idea About

Created by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, X-23 is the mutant clone of Wolverine, who first appeared in NYX #3 in 2004. Thanks to the Weapon X experiment for giving another great mutant to the comic book world. The experiment’s primary motto to bond Adamantium with human bodies initially failed. But Doctor Martin Sutter decided to take it to another level and recruited Doctor Sarah Kinney in the program. As the process went further, Sarah Kinney was forced to be a surrogate mother and then the world welcomed X-23. So, let’s check out the five awesome superpowers of X-23.

 1. Super Healing Factor

5 Superpowers of X-23 You Probably Had No Idea About

Just like Wolverine, X-23 possess the same healing factor which enables her to heal any wound than average human beings. Moreover, she can pull up her bone claws and can heal up faster. She can recover from extreme bullet wounds and brutal slash wounds in minutes.

2. Super Stamina

X-23 is less vulnerable to diseases-causing microbes and bacterias. She does not fall ill at all and which is way beyond normal human beings. Moreover, she can fight her rogues continuously for 24 hours without stopping.

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