10 Things In The Harry Potter Movies That Are Better Than The Books

The Harry Potter series has been one of the best stories and franchises of the past few decades and there is probably nothing we would like to change in it. We often compare the books to the movies and the books always win because of the incredible writing. Still, there were some things that were better in the movies and that rarely happens. These are some of the things that were done better in the movies:

10. Splitting the last book into 2 movies:

After Harry Potter, a lot of movie franchises started splitting the last book into two movies even though most of them weren’t able to pull it off. The deathly hallows is a vast book with so much going on that making it into just one movie seems impossible. It was a good decision to turn it into 2 films and it also helped in setting the tone better.

9. Hermione wiping her parents memories:

This scene was intense in the film and was portrayed really well but in the book we only hear about Hermione wiping the memories of her parents and the scene is not actually included in the story. The movie however included the scene and it simply highlighted the sacrifices the trio had to make in order to save the wizarding world.

8. The effect of Felix Felicis:

In the book it is not explained how Harry felt after taking the liquid luck and he acts quite normal. The movie shows him acting funny and a bit tipsy after he takes the potion. He is filled with energy and enthusiasm and has a funny encounter with Hagrid and Slughorn.

7. Harry and Hermione dancing:

This scene was completely original and wasn’t in the book. It portrayed the strong friendship and bond between Harry and Hermione. The scene was also important to lighten the tone of the movie which is otherwise heavy and dark. The scene is lighthearted and entertaining to watch.

6. The evil Umbridge:

Dolores Umbridge is easily the most hated character of the series and is truly evil. Her portrayal by Imelda Staunton is simply brilliant and even though the character is hated but the performance is worth applauding. The character and its evil streak are shown well and the scene where she tortures Harry is effective.

5. Neville and Luna getting together:

In the books it is never hinted that Neville and Luna were attracted to each other or ever got together. In fact they both married different people in the books. The last movie made them a couple and we couldn’t be happier because they are both adorabole!

4. Buckbeak’s ride:

In the third book there is a scene where Hagrid teaches his class about hippogriffs and brings many of them to his class in order to demonstrate it to the students. Many students get to ride the hippogriffs unlike the movie where only Harry gets the pleasure and we get a beautiful scene with great music.

3. The bridge scene with Lupin and Harry:

The scene with Harry and Lupin standing on the bridge and talking about his parents is so beautiful and it was not there in the book. If you listen to the dialogues carefully, it actually foreshadows some major events of the story. In the book Harry just meets Lupin in his office and it nowhere compares to the beautiful bridge landscape in the movie.

2. The tale of 3 brothers:

The tale of three brothers was one of the highlights of the movie and the animated sequence was simply brilliant. Ben Hibon was the director of the sequence, collaborating very closely with director David Yates over the course of six months to develop the three minute animation and it was totally worth it.

 1. Wands raised for Dumbledore:

Harry Potter Movies

Dumbledore’s funeral was a whole chapter in the book but the movie skipped over the funeral. However the movie gave tribute to the headmaster in a completely different and moving way. Students and teachers raised their wands in respect for the deceased headmaster and the light from the wands removed the dark mark. It was simple yet effective and beautiful.

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