What If…?: How the Captain Carter Episode Connects to Loki

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen its shares of ups and downs, we have seen villains and we have seen heroes. We always thought that this was the greatest version of these characters because that is all we had known. However, after the events of Loki, we have come to doubt our assumptions about the multiverse. The season finale revealed that TVA had been pruning timelines left and right at the command of He Who Remains. The real interesting part is that TVA was doing it to keep Kangs at bay. For if the TVA we’re to stop an unlimited number of Kangs will be released into the multiverse.  This also brings up an interesting point and demonstrates how Captain Carter Episode connects to Loki.

The basic idea is that until the events of the season finale of Loki, none of what happened in What If…? could have happened. The moment where the timeline differed was when Peggy was asked to watch from the safety of the booth but she refused. Her fortitude and persistence altered the timeline ever so subtly and she ended in the super-soldier chamber instead of Rogers. This resulted in the most peculiar outcome as Captain Carter took center stage in the war. Her effort and valor brought a lot of repute to her unit and must have gone a long way in accentuating woman empowerment in the MCU.

Captain Carter

Captain Carter Episode Connects to Loki

The acts of valor that Peggy Carter executed during the War in the MCU paved the way for the next generation of superheroes or so we hope. We don’t get to see much after the initial actions of Captain Carter. The entire episode was a variation on the first Captain America Movie. We got to see it from a completely different perspective and all because of a very small change in the flow of events in the timeline. Any other situation and the timeline would have been quickly pruned by the TVA. But that’s the thing, The TVA does not exist anymore. All the timelines are free to diverge as they desire and they will no longer be prematurely terminated because of this diversion.

This allows for even greater flexibility in storytelling, ad now all of this canon material has life and shape and form. It will be very easy for the MCU writers to use this content and integrate it into the live-action part of the MCU, without having to spend millions of dollars giving these characters their own origin movies. This could also mean that actors like Hayley Atwell can continue to be a part of the MCU even when the main universe variant has met her death. It has been already confirmed that Hayley Atwell will be appearing in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. At this point, it becomes a logical assumption that she might be appearing in the form of Captain Carter rather than Agent Peggy Carter.

The road ahead

Captain Carter Episode Connects to Loki

The madness in the multiverse has only just begun. But by releasing the timeline, Loki has done something that we could have never imagined. He has given us a way to make all of our dreams come true. Even to the extent that the strange occurrence may seem weird or unnatural, they are all still part of the MCU now. That is the beautiful thing about this style of storytelling. Most probably What if…? Is a testing ground for stories that seem very close to the MCU sacred timeline. The writers may be looking at prospective characters to introduce into the multiversal war narrative. It is also possible that the creative heads want to test out the reception of certain concepts before they are committed to them.

We cannot know the intentions of the writers, we can only speculate. What we can do, however, is appreciate how good the first episode was. Captain Carter kicks ass, she does all, that you could imagine and she does it with absolute Grace. Her actions lead to the defeat of Hydra and the Red Skull. She also saves the European subcontinent by keeping a very large monster at bay. Only the bravest woman are capable of laying down their lives to save the rest of the world, it was still nice to see Steve Rogers and Carter bond in the same way they did in the prime timeline. I guess, some things never change.

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