10 Non-Marvel, Non-DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix Could Adapt Into a Movie/TV Series

When we say superhero, you probably think about Marvel Comics or DC Comics depending on your choice and preference. But there is another comic book publication that also needs to be mentioned. Dark Horse comics are literally the Dark Horse of comic books. It always tries to create storylines that are unconventional, innovative and experimental in nature. For years, they have tried and successfully managed to break free of the predictable superhero genre of Marvel and DC by introducing fresher characters that are not only complex but also part of plots that have very definite shades of grey. Dark Horse Comics are so acclaimed because they try to keep it real and grounded, with each new issue trying to break the mould. That is exactly why Netflix should try to rope them in for a TV Series adaptation. With their Marvel series now cancelled and discontinued and DC launching its own streaming service, the one comic book that could still serve the average Netflix user’s superhero appetite is Dark Horse. Presenting – 10 Non-Marvel, Non-DC Comic book storylines Netflix could adapt into a movie/TV Series!!


Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

Colder is not a superhero series. It is in the horror genre. Like we said, Dark Horse likes to break the mould when they create a series. No one thought that a horror series could be published and become a hit. Dark Horse was the first to prove the proof of concept using Colder, the story of an insane man trying to cure other people’s insanity. Declan Thomas was once a prisoner in a criminally insane asylum. He was soon caught in a fire accident that destroyed the entire building and killed the other inmates. Declan now possesses the ability to get into the madness in other people’s minds and cure it. But the only person whose madness he cannot cure is his own. There is also a demon involved that will do anything to kill Declan.

The Escapist

Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

The Escapist is the story of a master escape artist during the World War Two era. Tom Mayflower has garnered quite a reputation for himself after using his escape artist skills to become a national celebrity and heartthrob. He regularly partners with other superheroes like the Spirit, Luna Moth, and Mr. Machine Gun to defeat bad guys. The series is just an 8 issue storyline but has enough content in it to keep you busy. The arch nemesis of the Escapist is the Saboteur. The Escapist has crossed all the way behind the enemy lines to punch the Fuhrer. Netflix could find the Escapist a great medium to introduce a whole new universe since he regularly teams up with other heroes.

The Goon

Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

There is surprisingly no mention of this wonderfully written comic book series in any forum. Marvel and DC have taken over our minds so much that we forget that the world is more than just that. The Goon is just an ordinary man born with a near superhuman level of durability and strength. He was taught how to fight by his aunt, who used to be a heavyweight wrestler. A local crime lord called Labrazio took a liking to him after he heard stories of the Goon defeating hordes of zombie son his own and wrestling with circu7s animals. Labrazio entering the circus Goon was working in attracted other local mobsters, who accidentally killed Goon’s aunt in the cross-fire. Goon, angry, killed Labrazio by smashing his head into a rock and took his mobster cap. He now fights for the underprivileged and the poor of the city and fights of zombies and all kinds of other monsters.


Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

Concrete is a rather odd tale of a man gaining super-powers. In fact, he does not ‘gain’ them as much as he is cursed with them. An average guy is nabbed and his brain is separated from his human body. They then put his brain inside a concrete body to see how things work out. “They” here are aliens, who want to see how humanity works by taking the very thing that makes a person a human being – his own body. The series is not about Concrete saving the day. It is about what it means to live and what makes us human. Concrete never had a satisfying ending but it was never meant to. Concrete hits us hard where it hurts the most.

Black Hammer

Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

Black Hammer starts out as any other regular superhero story. There is a world-ending threat. A city is being threatened and is almost on the verge of being destroyed. To ensure that does not happen, the superheroes band together to save it. They succeed in saving millions of innocent lives but here’s the twist. The Superheroes somehow end up being trapped in an alternate reality. But the story takes an even stranger turn after that. The Superheroes are not left behind in a war-torn world or an alternate reality where they have to fight monsters or aliens thirsty for their blood. They find themselves in a beautiful, peaceful farmland. The comic book series is weird, complex and very interesting to read.


Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

One day you are a measly insurance investigator living your measly little life in a measly little town. The next day, you find out that you are not even human. You are actually a deadly cyborg created by his masters to enslave humanity. Carl Seltz lives a double life. He is an insurance investigator by the day and a cyborg assassin by the night. He soon discovers that the company he works for is an evil, global empire that has taken control of all the cyborgs and is now on its way to rule the world. The Cyborg then finds himself in the ranks of the Revolution, whose task is to stop the evil company from taking over the globe. While there have been a great many talks of a live action TV Series adaptation of this series, nothing truly fruitful has come out yet.

The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the 21st Century

Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

The protagonist of the series – Martha Washington is probably one of Dark Horse Comics’ greatest and most valuable characters. She is an African-American Woman who finds herself sucked into the future. In the future, she realizes that the America she knew no longer exists and has broken down into city-states with the second American Civil War in full swing. The PAX peace force recruits her into its ranks where she helps her allies fight evil factions and opposing armies that threaten the American dream. The series helps us realize what it means to live in a free world and reflects on how modern day America is fast losing the very ideals that make it the center of the world.

Lady Killer

Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

Imagine the 60’s. An incredibly amazing time to be living in! The Cold War is in full swing. The American way of life is flourishing and there are murderous, highly trained housewives on the loose. Wait, what? Yep!! That is the story of Lady Killer. The series takes place in 1960’s suburban America, the era of the typical American housewife before they broke out of their shells. Lady Killer tells the story of such a typical America housewife with one extra tiny little detail – she is also one of the world’s greatest killers. When she is not washing dishes or taking the dog out for a stroll, she renders her services to the highest bidder.


Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

Bacchus is a character that was created by the legendary Eddie Campbell. Eddie Campbell was inspired to create the character after hearing the story of the Roman God Bacchus, God of Wine and Parties. Bacchus is also a very interesting party animal. His Roman mythology roots would allow Netflix to bring onto the stage a very neglected and yet highly interesting mythology – the Roman Mythology. Up until now, the Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythologies have been explored in depth and their time has come to pass. Bacchus will take us to a whole new world. The character itself is very engaging and Netflix could make it into a TV series similar to Lucifer.

Department H

Non Marvel Non DC Comic Book Storylines Netflix

In an underwater research station, a murder turns the life of every inhabitant of the station upside down. No one would have thought that a place of learning could turn into a crime scene. An investigator is sent to find out who is the killer since the crime was probably committed by someone working in the research station. The story takes a very interesting twist every now and then and has an ardent element of science fiction weaved into it which is revealed as the story progresses. The ending will leave you hanging. Given the fact that Altered Carbon has already introduced us to psychedelic, futuristic story arcs that end tragically, Department H could help Netflix continue the tradition.

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