10 Things About Cyborg DC Comics is Hiding From Its Fans

The only half-human, half robot superhero in the Justice League, Cyborg has become an integral part of the DC Comic book Universe. The superhero was an obscure character a few years ago until the New 52 reboot finally pushed him into the spotlight. Cyborg started out as a Teen Titan, where he aided Robin and the other Titans in stopping bad guys. Before he became a full-fledged Justice League member, Cyborg was already a known name in the highest circles of DC fandom. The World was introduced to the amazing Machine Human hybrid that is Victor Stone aka Cyborg only in Justice League. But the superhero has already established quite a presence and amalgamated quite a few secrets that DC would like to stay buried. Presenting – 10 Things about Cyborg DC Comics is hiding from its fans!!!

 10. He is an expert Swordsman

Cyborg DC Comics

Cyborg has an array of advanced weapons at his disposal. He can fly, use rocket grenades, energy shields, a sonic cannon, and explosive energy blasters. And all he needs to do is command his machine self to produce them out of his body. If you think that Cyborg could be easily defeated if one can manage to disable his weapons systems, we urge you to think again. In one Teen Titans animated series episode, Cyborg is thrown thousands of years in the past where he is stuck aiding Sarasim and her fighters in a war with the demonic barbarian hordes. Since electricity has not been invented yet, Cyborg has to rely on other traditional weapons as his battery is too low to charge his weapons. He reveals his brilliant swordsmanship skill sin that episode.

 9. He might be a New God

Cyborg DC Comics

This is just a theory. But it adds so much more credibility to his origin story arc. Victor Stone met with a terrible accident that completely destroyed one side of his body, leaving him a mutilated cripple. Silas Stone, his father, decided to use the alien Mother Box technology and fused it with Victor, creating Cyborg, the machine God. Here’s the thing about the Mother Box – it is a technology created strictly for the New Gods. It is a dangerous device and the New Gods did not want it to be used by any other sentient race but them. So each Mother Box comes with a fail-safe built in that allows it to be activated only when exposed to New God DNA. So how did the Mother Box activate when Victor Stone was around. The theory says Victor Stone might have New God DNA in him.

 8. He is a born leader

Cyborg DC Comics

He has been in two different animated shows. Though completely unrelated, he has been in positions of responsibility in both the shows. In Teen Titans, Cyborg becomes the leader of Titans East – a team comprising of Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and Mas and Menos. He successfully leads the team to victory against a battle with Brother Blood and his forces. In Young Justice, Cyborg acts as the mentor and de facto leader of the Young Justice team as well.

 7. His family affairs are too damn complicated

Cyborg DC Comics

Cyborg’s family background is tragic. He lost his mother when he was at a very young age. After he met with a terrible accident, he was turned into a grotesque machine-human hybrid of a creature by his own father. Silas Stone did not just turn his son into Cyborg but is also frequently accused of spying on him and his activities using secret tech he installed into his body to track him and often tries to manipulate his own son to do his bidding. The Father and the son seldom see eye to eye now. But at times of crisis, Cyborg still moves heaven and hell to ensure his father stays safe. As no matter how twisted, family is important.

 6. He has an A.I son that he literally gave birth to

Cyborg DC Comics

Cyborg’s machine body is made from technology that is light years ahead of human understanding. Each day, Cyborg learns something new about himself, a piece of technology that he accidentally or intentionally discovers to be a part of his own body. Grid was an Artificial Intelligence system that started out as a sub-routine within cyborg’s cybernetic parts. It wanted to gather information about meta-humans and create a directory. Since that would have been a serious breach of privacy, Cyborg shut it down. Grid was not dead though. It kept collecting information passively, and after coming into contact with hackers and rogue computer viruses around the globe, it soon became self-conscious and sentient, effectively turning into an A.I parasite. Cyborg ejected it from his body which then found its way into a spare Cyborg body and joined the Crime Syndicate of America as a supervillain.

 5. His love life is a mess

Cyborg DC Comics

It’s not like Cyborg is incapable of love. His heart is still fully human. But he has had terribly bad luck when it comes to successful love life. Cyborg has had three major relationships. His first one was with a super villain called Jinx. That did not end well when Jinx found out that Cyborg was just an undercover superhero sent to infiltrate her organization. Then came Bumblebee – while there was a flame, it was not enough to start a relationship so both parted ways. When Cyborg was thrown 3000 years back into the past, he found love in a warrior queen called Sarasim. That did not last as well when Cyborg was forced to come back to the present.

 4. His origin story is exceptionally gruesome

Cyborg DC Comics

In most iterations of his origin story, we know for a fact that Cyborg meets with an accident that leads to his father experimenting on him and turning him into a superhero. But do you have any idea how the accident took place? The very first origin story for Cyborg shows that he and his mother were caught in the grips of sentient alien goo made of concentrated acid. His mother literally melted away while Cyborg lost one half of his body to the goo. That’s right. He literally experienced half his body being disintegrated in acid!

 3. He is way more powerful than people give him credit for

Cyborg DC Comics

Cyborg, at first glance, looks like a heavy hitter who is good with the machine and great when it comes to having a team member with exceptional firepower. Yet Cyborg’s other abilities fail to seek attention. Remember, Cyborg still has a machine for a brain, and that machine is a thousand times more powerful than any supercomputer that humanity has or will ever build. He can access any form of technology and turn it against his enemies. If he feels like it, he can literally turn the whole world into a nuclear wasteland by hacking into the computer grids of nuclear-capable nations and activating their nuclear missile silos. He can shut down every piece of machinery, including the orbiting satellites and push the whole world into the Dark ages if he wants to.

 2. He was a genius even before he became Cyborg

Cyborg DC Comics

Cyborg has a super-computer for a brain. So it is logical to think that he is stupid smart. He is the Justice league’s on-call engineer and a scientist that regularly experiments with cutting edge technology. He is also an inventor. His smarts though are not a result of his cybernetic enhancements. Cyborg is actually a born genius. Victor Stone was a gifted teenager already when his father experimented on him to increase his intelligence even further. The brilliant scientific intellect Cyborg displays are not the work of his machine half but his own.

 1. Is he still Cyborg or someone else?

Cyborg DC Comics

In the comics, Cyborg has been dealt the killing strike several times. In fact, Cyborg has been murdered in cold blood, disintegrated and restructured, picked apart, disassembled and reassembled, shut down and even resurrected so many times from scratch that we have lost count. This does beg the question – since he is being basically rebuilt every time he ends up on the floor, how much of Cyborg is still Cyborg? Is it even Cyborg or is it completely somebody else?

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