10 Crazy Alternate Versions of Captain America in The Comics

Alternate Versions of Captain America:

The Marvel Comics has retained its top spot since 1939. Over the span of 80 years, the international comic has published a plethora of adventurous stories of the superheroes and gradually spread its branches to various universes. Every Marvel fan knows that there is more than one reality in the Marvel Universe. Each reality consists of a different version of Earth and the superheroes inhabiting it. It implies that there are thousands of versions of our favorite superhero, Captain America. It is not necessary that every version of the Cap would share the same qualities. Some are of the reincarnations of Captain America are shockingly evil and have done pretty unspeakable acts. But it is always fun to know more about the alternate versions of the superheroes. This list is focused on the 10 craziest alternate versions of Captain America in the Marvel Comics.

 1. Cap Wolf

A new turning of events had transformed Captain America into a werewolf. Unlike the Super Soldier Experiment, Cap was forcefully injected with a serum by his captor Nightshade that turned him into a monstrous werewolf.

 2. Marvel 2099

There are several issues and versions of Marvel 2099. But in one of them, Captain America was a woman named Roberta Mendez who was forcefully injected the Super Soldier Serum to become Captain America when she was held captive by Maestro.

 3. Colonial Captain America

The Colonial Captain America was Marvel’s first Captain America who fought in the Revolutionary War. He is an ancestor of the modern-day Captain America, Steve Rogers whose nemesis is the descendant of William Taurey who was killed by the Colonial Cappy.

 4. Bullet Points

In this reality, Steve Rogers volunteers himself for Operation: Iron Man after Dr. Erksine who had the Super Soldier Serum was killed. Instead of Captain America, Rogers takes the permanent form of Iron Man. He was later killed by Peter Parker’s Hulk who was on a rampage. On this Earth, Peter Parker grew up to the Hulk whereas Bruce Banner became Spider-Man.

 5. Ultimate Captain America

Ultimate shared a similar past with the mainstream Captain America where he was frozen during World War II, only to be thawed back in the future. However, the Ultimate version had heightened powers, senses, and emotions in every aspect, but in a negative way. He directed violent and merciless attacks on the mutant which ultimately gave rise to the civil war.

 6. Super-Soldier

Alternate Versions of Captain America
Alternate Versions of Captain America

In a DC and Marvel crossover in 1996, the comics had combined their respective superheroes into one entity for the Amalgam Comics. Here, Captain America and Superman were merged to become a Super-Soldier. This reality had a human version of Clark Kent who was injected with a Super Soldier serum that was derived from the blood of a baby alien whose pod had crashed on Earth.

 7. Colonel America

Colonel America belonged to the “Marvel Zombies” where all the heroes were turned into the undead violent creatures. This world’s Colonel America was also the President of the United States. He and his teammates also fed on Silver Surfer and absorbed the Power Cosmic.

 8. Danielle Cage

In 2006 “The Pulse” issue, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter, Danielle Cage became the first Captain America of her universe. She was revived in 2015 where she traveled from the future. She also had the shield that responded to her voice commands. She joined forces with the A.V.E.N.G.E.R.S. to fight Ultron and Moridun.

 9. Mutant X

In this reality, a mutant carried the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers was killed by the Sentinels in the Avengers mansion. As a result, he left the Avengers to join the evil versions of X-Men who called themselves Six and fight the anti-mutant organization, S.H.I.E.L.D.

 10. Captain America: The Chosen

Alternate Versions of Captain America
Alternate Versions of Captain America

In this universe, Captain America isn’t immortal as his Super Soldier Serum exhausts itself during the highly powered battles of Steve Rogers. He eventually dies and possesses a sincere battle soldier, James Newman for a short period during an intense war.

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