Marvel Comics Update – Marvel Brings [SPOILER] Back From The Dead!!!

The comics have bore witness to many, many superhero deaths. Marvel Comics has killed off several characters only for them to be brought back later in a spectacular fashion. Iron Man, the Hulk, Wolverine, Captain America and even the Mighty Thor have died in the comic books. But they always come back. And when we say always, we mean it. Another major superhero of Marvel Comics was recently declared dead in the comic books. But thanks to the writers and artists of Marvel Comics, he is dead no more. This Marvel Comic Superhero has become the comic book equivalent of the Biblical Lazarus. Presenting Marvel Comics Update: Marvel brings [SPOILER] back from the dead!!!

SPOILER ALERT: The Following paragraphs contain Major Spoilers of Invincible Iron Man #600. If you haven’t read it yet, we suggest you look away…..

Marvel Comics has done the unthinkable. It has recently enacted the resurrection of the superhero War Machine aka James Rhodes, one of Iron Man’s best friends. That’s right folks. James Rhodes is now alive and kicking. But how did this happen??

James Rhodes died at the end of Marvel Comics’ 2016 event Civil War 2. Coincidentally, the writer for that story is also the writer for the story who bought upon his resurrection. Brian Michael Bendis, one of the last known truly gifted writers of the Marvel Bastion, has written the story that eventually brings James Rhodes back from the dead. Invincible Iron Man #600, which released this Wednesday, bore witness to this fact.

The events of Civil War 2 were sparked by the actions of an inhuman called Ulysses Cain. Cain had been ‘gifted’ the ability of absolute precognition. His visions could pinpoint the locations of any and all future threats in the universe. When Ulysses’ next vision leads to the revelation that Thanos is about to attack Earth in search of the powerful Cosmic Cube, the heroes of Earth – A-Force, the Inhumans and the Ultimates, unite. The team of heroes, which then also included War Machine, attacked Thanos. Thanos was able to lethally injure War Machine with one swift blow and the hero lay dead in the ground.

It was Rhodey’s death that sparked the events of Civil War 2. Tony Stark now led a team of heroes who opposed using Ulysses’ vision to stop violent crimes before they happen and another team, led by Captain Marvel, which was in favor of using Ulysses’ gifts to thwart crimes. Civil War followed suit.

Tony Stark personally fought Captain Marvel during a fight over the skies of Washington DC. The fight would later make Tony slip into a comatose state. Tony only survives the coma because of the numerous modifications he made to his own body through the years to enhance his body’s interfacing capabilities with the Iron Man suits. His body would later literally reboot itself and Stark was born anew. While Stark was slowly coming back to life, his position as Iron Man was taken up by not one but two other individuals. Riri Williams’ as Iron heart and Doctor Doom as Iron Man, both claimed the mantle of the Iron Man.

Stark though, had other plans in mind. Before he stopped the two from taking over his position as the armored avenger, he theorized that the same way his body rebooted himself back to life, Rhodey’s body could also be made to undertake the same process. Stark applied his own bodily modifications to Rhodey’s exhumed body and lo and behold!! James Rhodey came back to Earth kicking and screaming, full of life and energy.

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In Rhodey’s absence, Frank Castle aka the Punisher had taken up the mantle of the War machine after donning the War Machine suit. His six-part Punisher: War Machine is something to watch out for. Civil War 2 also claimed the life of another well-known avenger. The Hulk was killed by Hawkeye. Bruce Banner has since been resurrected back to life in the ensuing issues. Brian Michael Bendis has since jumped ship to DC Comics and will be penning the limited issue Man of Steel series. He will also be helping in writing the story for Superman #1 and Action Comics #1000 two months later.

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