DC Just Copied Another Popular Disney Property: Their Latest Victim is Star Wars

DC Copied Star Wars:

The petty rivalry between DC Comics and Marvel Comics knows no bound. Each comic book publisher is guilty of trying to copy each other’s works and pass it off as their own. Marvel’s attempts include Deadpool, which is a copy of DC’s Deathstroke, and the Squadron Supreme, which is basically the Justice League. DC has also had its fair share of copied caricatures. While the copy game was always heavily tilted towards Marvel, which has always copied many of its major characters from DC or as their writers say “were inspired” from DC Superheroes, DC has finally found a way to get back at them. And this time, they are going directly for the jugular. They are copying Star Wars.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for DC Comics Original Graphic novel Green Lanterns: Legacy: by Minh Le and Andie Tong up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

DC Comics is working hard to recreate a parallel publication that is still DC but without all the historical baggage. The readers want fresher takes and newer stories. They cannot get that with the already established characters. New and original characters need to be introduced and that is exactly what Green Lanterns: Legacy intends to do. In this storyline, the greatest Green Lantern of the universe is not John Stewart, Hal Jordan, or Kyle Rayner. It is a young Asian origin kid named Tai Pham, the youngest member of the Green Lantern Corps. The setting is still the same. The Guardians of the Universe oversee the Green Lantern Corps and the Green Lantern Battery powered by pure willpower and located at Oa. The enemies of the Green Lanterns are still the Yellow Lanterns, with their rings powered by fear.

But the DC Comics Original Graphic Novel adds a new twist to the Green Lantern Lore. It looks like DC Comics has taken a cue from another popular movie franchise. The Green Lanterns have an additional power added to their ranks. They can now defy death and return back to the land of the living. And they do that by using the power of the Green Lantern Power Ring. And believe it or not, this ability bears resemblance and sounds eerily similar to the Force Ghosts of Star Wars.

How you ask? There are umpteen numbers of ways they could not be similar. But they are. We will explain how. Tai has recently lost her grandmother, who was once a Green Lantern. When Kim Tran passes away, miraculously the Green Power Ring chooses Tai as its successor. Tai is transported to Oa where he meets John Stewart, who will be his mentor that will teach him how to control the powers of the Ring and use it for good. But he mentions that there might be someone else who could do a better job at explaining this than him.

DC Just Copied Star Wars

It is then that the Green Ghost of Kim Tran, Tai’s Grandmother is revealed. Kim has managed to capture her life essence and memories inside the Green Power Ring. It is revealed that this is an ability available to all Green Lanterns at the point of their death. Since the Green Lantern Power Ring is also a powerful supercomputer with unlimited storage capabilities, it can actually store the entire consciousness of its user and in the event of his or her death, it can project it as a Ghost made out of pure Green Will Power Energy.

Now, who does that remind you of? Well if you still are not certain there’s a resemblance, then God help you!!

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