It’s Official: Arrow Confirms Diggle is Green Lantern

Arrow Confirms Diggle is Green Lantern:

The debate had been raging on for more than half a decade. Is John Diggle from Arrow going to become a Green Lantern? The Arrow showrunners never gave us any hints regarding that topic. All the fans could do was just speculating everything. Now that Arrow as we know it is over, The CW is starting to turn back some chapters to answer some questions that were left unanswered. One of the most endearing questions of them all was John Diggle and his Green Lantern Connection. Believe it or not, the actor himself has given us a solid hint and we are now sure that we know the answer to that question.

David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle aka Spartan on the show, recently took to social media to give us this ground shattering news. It was on Instagram that David Ramsey showed us a picture of the Green Lantern Ring, confirming his new superhero career as an Inter-Galactic Enforcer who now wields the Universe’s Most Powerful Weapon that draws power from the wielder’s will power.

The caption of the post reads “My Power”. The photo was posted on Instagram and has been getting a lot of traction. In the image, we see David Ramsey holding a box containing a device that is radiating a glowing green aura. The Power Ring is not inside it and we never see an actual shape but the green aura and the box itself confirm that The CW might have some plans for David Ramsey after all. It just might be an LED light but it still has huge implications for the Arrow-Verse.

Every Arrow fan was excited to see John Diggle scour through the crater to get to the Green Lantern Power Ring. The scene came right at the end of the Arrow series finale and left much to the viewers’ imaginations. Right after the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, we see images of Oa, the home planet of the Guardians of the Universe and the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe.

This was just a thinly veiled attempt at referencing Diggle’s new journey within the Arrow Verse. The fans then kept badgering The CW Network with questions like whether this means that Diggle will be getting his solo series as the Green Lantern or will he now star in the Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular that Arrow has ended.

Arrow Confirms Diggle is Green Lantern

Diggle’s Green Lantern Connection has been referenced quite a few numbers of times in the Arrow Verse. Diggle’s step-father’s name is Roy Stewart. Diggle is ex-military. There is Green Lantern in the DC Universe who is also ex-military. His name is John Stewart and he starred in the DC Animated Series Justice League that once aired regularly on Cartoon Network a few years ago. Add to all that the fact that Earth 90 Flash even said that Diggle was not wearing his ring anymore all indicates to one thing and one thing only – Diggle is or is about to be a Green Lantern.

If you are wondering about the post made by David Ramsey aka John Diggle on Instagram, well here it is;

Arrow Confirms Diggle is Green Lantern

We know it is a little hard to digest that The CW only addressed Diggle’s Green Lantern connection after referencing it and playing mind games with the viewers for so long. John Diggle might be headed for great things to come in the coming years. It would be a waste to let him go after giving him such a huge role to play in the Arrow Verse. But you know what they say: Better Late than Never!!

The Sixth Annual Arrow Verse Crossover – Crisis on Infinite Earths aired on the 9th of December 2019. It featured Green Arrow, the Flash, Black Lightning, The Legends of Tomorrow, Bat Woman, and Super Girl in titular and pivotal roles. The official synopsis for the crossover reads:

In “Crisis“, the Monitor gathers Green Arrow, the Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Sara Lance, Ray Palmer, and several “Paragons” from throughout the multiverse to stop the Anti-Monitor from destroying all of reality. The crossover’s events result in the Arrowverse’s continuity being rebooted, affecting all of the series.

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