8 Game of Thrones Everyday Situation Dialogues

Ever pondered how tremendous it would be to talk in the majestic tone of our favorite Game of Thrones characters?  Just fantasize what if those elusive, fiery dialogues become a part of your everyday conversation? That will be amazing, right?

Here are 10 Game of Thrones everyday situation dialogues. Try these, it will be fun.

1)  When you realize that you are left with no money and you are almost completely broke.


2)  When you are speechless or may be out of words. A situation where you have no clue what to say or for that matter, you are like what the hell.


3)  When your friend (or boyfriend or girlfriend) or your better half cooks something for you and ask you how the food is and it turns out to be a disaster, but obviously you don’t wanna hurt them. So all you say is


Of course, you don’t wanna sound rude. After all, they have put in a lot of hard work.

4)  When you borrowed money from your friends and they are constantly asking it back from you. And you wanna act smart and cool, so, you say…


5)  If a guy dares to friend zone you and of course you don’t want him to do that. (for obvious reasons). Then all you need to say is…


6)  When someone who thinks himself to be smart, jumps and answers on to something and the answer turns out to be wrong. You gotta say something, of course after you finish laughing. So all you need to say


7)  Did you ever break a promise and had no clue how to justify it? Well, now you have a perfect answer when someone asks you why have you not kept your words or promise. And that awesome answer is…


8)  When someone makes a joke out of your opinion and you wanna give a witty and a sarcastic reply. Your perfect answer would be…


Misha Mehta

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