10 Incredibly Awesome Facts About Squirrel Girl we Bet You Never Knew

Facts About Squirrel Girl:

There are heroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Thor that are the stalwarts and flagship superheroes of Marvel Comics. They have, throughout the years, made quite a name for themselves. But not all heroes are as popular. Some heroes may not sound as mainstream but they do have a loyal fan-base and have also become fan-favorites. Squirrel Girl is one such superhero. She is quirky, resourceful, and quite fun to watch in the comic books. The hero of Canadian Origin’s real name is Doreen Allene Green and her exploits will leave you in awe and splits at the same time. There are some facts you have to know about Squirrel Girl.

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 1. Probably the most powerful Marvel Comic Superhero

Facts About Squirrel Girl

Not many know this but Squirrel Girl has gone against some of the most powerful super-villains Marvel Comics has to offer and lived to tell the tale. What’s more, is that she has even defeated several of them in one on one combat. Squirrel Girl once easily defeated Doctor Doom, a villain that once defeated the Celestials. She has also beaten MODOK with the help of a squirrel sidekick. Squirrel Girl has even defeated Thanos, the Mad Titan that was responsible for the events of the Infinity War. Another villain called Terrax, a herald of Galactus who is able to rip a planet into two using his cosmic powers, could not fold his own against her. This might just be a running gag but her exploits are a testament to her abilities.

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 2. She is the nanny of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s daughter

Facts About Squirrel Girl

In comic books, superheroes seldom age. So if they have children, they are trapped in that baby stage forever. But crime does not sleep or take a break so evil does not care if superheroes are on maternity or paternity leave. They will keep going. That was the case with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. They needed someone to take care of little Dani Cage when they were gone. After a rigorous round of interviews, they chose Squirrel Girl, who charmed the couple with her bubbly and kind personality. She apparently was really good at that job.

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 3. She and Wolverine once used to be a couple of

Facts About Squirrel Girl

Considering the guy is more than a 1000 years old, it is very creepy to think that Wolverine would have anything to do with Squirrel Girl other than being a mentor to him. But in the comics, it is revealed that Squirrel Girl was once with Wolverine and both were a couple. In another issue, Squirrel Girl showed up in one of Wolverine’s wet dreams, which also coincidentally had Emma Frost and Jean Grey. How can an old veteran like Wolverine steep so low with such paedophilic thoughts?!?! Moreover, Wolverine has been a father and mentor figure to a lot of young mutant girls like Jubilee. Does this mean he has had some sort of scandalous relationships with them as well??

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 4. Her solo comic book series was one of the first to feature a Transgender superhero

With the world opening up to people of all kinds of races, colors, orientations, and identities, Marvel Comics took the bold but right step to have the transgender community get representation in their superhero community. Koi Boi is a good friend and ally of Squirrel Girl and his partner sidekick is called Chipmunk Hunk. Koi Boi has aquatic powers, and it was recently revealed that he is Transgender. In Squirrel Girl #9, Koi Boi wore a bandana flashing pride colors to confirm the same. Squirrel Girl created history by being one of the very first to jump into the pride bandwagon.

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 5. Her creator drew inspiration from his real-world ex-girlfriend

Facts About Squirrel Girl

The creators of Squirrel Girl are Steve Ditko and Will Murray. While the artwork was all Steve Ditko (who is also the co-creator of Doctor Strange and Spider-Man), the concept and idea were conjured up by Will Murray. Murray claims that he based Squirrel Girl on his ex-girlfriend, who was also very quirky and had a thing for rodents and critters, which is basically Squirrel Girl in a nutshell. In a 2009 interview, Will Murray explains and we quote:

“I based Squirrel Girl ironically enough on a long-ago girlfriend who read comics and was into “critters”—wild animals of all types. Coincidentally, she was a big Ditko fan. I think I got the idea because I had a bunch of squirrels running around my roof and sometimes coming in through my open bedroom window and inspiration struck.”

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 6. She is not a mutant

Facts About Squirrel Girl

While considered a part of the global mutant community of the Marvel Comic Book Universe, Squirrel Girl is not actually a mutant. In the first issue of Unbreakable Squirrel Girl, her mom explains that Squirrel Girl’s DNA is actually made up of part human and part squirrel DNA. That’s right – Squirrel Girl is actually a human-squirrel hybrid. And the fun part is that nobody knows why. Even the writers of the issue are not willing to explain it. This was probably a move by Marvel to keep the rights of Squirrel Girl within Marvel Studios since the movie rights to any and all mutants were with Fox Studios back then. But it is still an interesting fact to know.

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 7. Agent of Shield

Facts About Squirrel Girl
Facts About Squirrel Girl

After the superhero team she was a member of – The Great Lakes Avengers, discovered that they were all actually mutants, they changed their team name to the Great Lakes X-Men. It was then that Squirrel Girl started her supervillain butt-kicking rampage. She defeated Doctor Doom, Thanos, Terrax, and even MODOK. After her defeat of MDOOK, Agent Dum Dum Dugan of Shield approached Doreen Allene Green and offered her a place at the high table of Shield. Should she accept – she will become an agent of Shield and sent to international missions around the globe. She politely declined to say that her Great Lakes team needed her. Oh, such a pure, noble soul. We don’t deserve Squirrel Girl to be honest!!

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 8. She is friends with Galactus

We think we all can agree that Galactus is one of the most powerful entities in the entire Multi-Verse. He is called the Devourer of Worlds for a reason. When Squirrel Girl went to college at Empire State University, the list of foes she encountered there included heavyweights like Whiplash and Kraven the Hunter. But her greatest victory was against Galactus. After Galactus came to eat the planet, Squirrel Girl convinced him to instead opt for consuming a planet that had no sentient life but was filled with nuts. While convincing him, Squirrel Girl ended up befriending Galactus and the Destroyer of Worlds became her BFF.

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 9. Defeated Deadpool in one on one combat

Deadpool is one of the greatest fighters in the entire Marvel Comic Book Universe. His mercenary skills combined with his incredible healing factor makes him an unstoppable force of nature. When the Superhuman Registration Act came into force, Deadpool sided with the government and aided them in bringing down superheroes who were against it. Deadpool believed that the Great Lakes Avengers have to be taken down since they were not Pro-Registration. He infiltrates their headquarters but is swiftly taken down by Squirrel Girl. It is later revealed that Deadpool was mistaken and the Great Lakes Avengers had already registered. Squirrel Girl renames the team as Great Lakes Initiative to end the confusion.

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 10. She uses her tail to enhance her ‘feminine assets’

And when we say ‘feminine assets’, we all know what it means. Squirrel Girl may be a superhero but she is also a teenager. And like every teenager, she too likes to be the center of attraction in the crowd. When not crime-fighting or defeating planetary level foes, she is wearing normal pants that help hide her tail. But the catch is – the tail tucked behind her butt enhances her posterior and makes it look like she is well endowed in all the right places. Well, it’s a win-win and we can’t complain. Go Squirrel Girl!!

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