10 Superman Like Characters We’ve Seen In Films, Comics & TV Series

Superman is a symbol of hope. But several comics, films, and TV series have brought characters that are quite similar to him. Today, we’re going to look at multiple characters that draw parallels to the Man of Steel. Here’s a list of 10 such characters:


Supergirl GIFs

Obviously, Supergirl is the character that’s closest to Superman. Kara Zor-El is the cousin of Kal-El. She has the same powers as Sups under Earth’s nurturing yellow sun.

Cyborg Superman

Henry “Hank” Henshaw came in as a replacement after Sups seemingly died. He was Cybernetically modified & turned into an evil Superman. He has heat vision, flight & other powers of Superman.

Super Boy

Connor Kent aka Super Boy is a clone created with the DNA of Superman & Lex Luthor. He isn’t totally similar to Superman as he can’t fly and isn’t as strong. But he still possesses many abilities similar to Superman. And, he is actually a genius as he gets that part from Lex. We saw a live-action version of Superman in Titans Season 2.


Superman Like Characters
Superman Like Characters

The first 2 versions were failed clones of Superman, which were created by Lex. The third & the main Bizzaro was created by The Joker when he acquired magical powers. He has the abilities of Superman, but he’s got the madness of Joker in his heart.


General Zod was another Kryptonian who visited Earth. In terms of power, he, Supergirl & Superman are alike. But, he seemed even stronger in Man of Steel.

The Sentry

Dark Avengers MCU

Robert Reynolds was also created keeping Superman in mind. He is more of an unstable version of Sups, & one of the strongest Marvel characters. Even though he has long hair, a Yellow & Blue Suit, His persona & powers are very similar to Superman.


Superman Like Characters
Superman Like Characters

Hyperion is an exact rip off of Superman. His powers are exactly similar to Superman as he has heat vision & everything. He leads Marvel’s rip-off version of Justice League – the Squadron Supreme. We saw him in the animated series, Avengers Assemble.


Facts About Vought International of The Boys

Dynamite Entertainment’s The Boys have an exact replica of Superman in terms of powers and abilities. But since Superheroes are threatening & evil in this story, Homelander is also evil. He pretends to be the face of America. But he actually represents everything that could go wrong with Superman. There’s hardly a character who is as evil as he is!


For those of you who don’t know, Shazam was originally called Captain Marvel and was created for Fawcett Comics by Bill Parker and CC Beck in 1939. He was inspired by Superman. Instead of Red and Blue, he wore Red and Yellow. Just like Superman, he can fly and is virtually invulnerable, but he was given some more abilities so he’d differ from Sups. A time came when Captain Marvel actually became even popular than Superman himself. But, his complicated history with comic book publishers just didn’t let him become as big as Superman.


In the comics, he is immortal and has superhuman strength, durability, and stamina, Regeneration, Flight, Psionics & most importantly, heat vision. In the MCU, he has been described as the tactical leader of the group. He is kind, charismatic, and the most powerful Eternal. He takes pride in protecting the individuals of his race. Besides superhuman strength, he has the ability to fly, and project beams of intense cosmic energy from his eyes. So, he’s basically a 35000 Years old Superman of Marvel. The only thing that’s missing is a cape.

Honorable Mentions – Hancock & Mary

Superman Like Characters
Superman Like Characters

Will Smith & Charlize Theron’s Hancock and Mary shared powers and abilities that are similar to those or Superman. It’s sad that we never got to see a sequel to their film.

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