10 Major Upcoming Movies of 2021 That Might Flop

2020 saw a major delay in a plethora of highly-anticipated movies. Now the burden has fallen on 2021 that will be seeing a storm of much-awaited movie releases, thus increasing the competition. The announcement of films like “Tom & Jerry” and “Cruella” has further fueled the euphoria of fans whose hair is already turning grey from the prolonged wait since the beginning of 2020. However, there are several reasons that point out that these movies set for the coming year will not meet the expectations. It’s hard to tell if these projects will reap the fruits but we can always hope for the best. Here are the 10 upcoming movies of 2021 that might flop.

Chaos Walking

“Chaos Walking” is one of the most anticipated sci-fi movies that fans can’t wait to watch. After all, it stars Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelson, Daisy Ridley, and Nick Jonas. The film was announced long back and was set to release in 2019. But it was forced to push back the dates as the test audience didn’t like the film. It had to undergo several changes in the script and reshoots. We can’t help but fear what the final outcome would be like with all the cut and paste. The story is adapted from the young-adult novel “The Knife of Never Letting Go” which is based on a dystopian era where men grew up to believe that a germ killed all the women.

The Tomorrow War

“The Tomorrow War” sounds like a promising film with a captivating plot where the army has to save mankind from aliens. It stars the MCU sweetheart Chris Pratt and J.K. Simmons along with a huge ensemble of actors from TV series and minor movie roles. Director Chris McKay is dipping his feet for the first time in the acting genre. We hope that it turns out to be fruitful.


If we look at the top 10 actors of Hollywood as of today, Emma Stone’s name rests on the list. She is a gem of the industry that every movie wants to bank on. As much as we’d love to watch an Emma Stone movie, we cannot express the same enthusiasm for Cruella Deville. The villain of “One Hundred and One Dalmations” is the least popular character of Disney.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Upcoming Movies of 2021
Upcoming Movies of 2021

Who wouldn’t want to watch Hollywood’s favorites share the screen together? It was the star power of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson that cashed big bucks at the box office without delivering an impressive plot. The producers should have learnt from the poor reception of the film but the massive profit clouded their judgment. Now the duo will be back in 2021 where the assassin’s wife, Salma Hayek will need to be rescued. We strongly pray that the solid cast gets the cinema-quality that they deserve.

The Last Duel

When you hear the words Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Ridley Scott together, your heart jumps up in ecstasy. After all these men brought us “Good Will Hunting”, “Blade Runner”, “All The Money In The World” etc. But we also can’t forget “Robin Hood”, “Hannibal”, and “Live By Night”. We are not picking on the mistakes but only comparing the decade-old hits with the latest flops (except All The Money In The World).  “The Last Duel” is a period-thriller based on Eric Jager’s book where two 14th Century Frenchmen have to combat in a duel to the death.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

The first installment of “Peter Rabbit” in 2018 got mixed reviews from the audience and constructive criticism from the critics. Many found the titular rabbit self-centered which seems to be getting repeated in the upcoming 2021. The trailer shows how the rabbit got his friends in trouble by misguiding them to rob a market. Let’s see what the 2nd part has in store for us.

The Forever Purge

Upcoming Movies of 2021
Upcoming Movies of 2021

The fifth installment of the “Purge” horror franchise was supposed to hit the theatres in 2020 but then it got hit by the real-life horror. This franchise is about a dystopian era where every year in March, all the criminal activities get legalized. The movie and TV series started with a bang due to its fresh concept that focuses on the various shades of society. But it is getting old now and there seems to be nothing left to offer.

Tom & Jerry

“Tom & Jerry” is the ultimate classic cartoon show that we all love to revisit every now and then. But no matter how much we enjoy the latest developments in the CGI in the film industry, we want the classic cartoons like “Tom & Jerry” and “Scooby-Doo” to be left alone in their old form. Moreover, the cartoon is more enjoyed for its short stories filled with random bantering and fights. We don’t want to watch Tom & Jerry thrown in for a life-crisis in a long movie.

The Boss Baby: Family Business

The competition in the genre of animated movies is getting fierce year after year. It’s not just about a light-hearted movie for kids anymore. The audience is looking for a captivating plot and concept that leaves a mark. The Boss Baby was introduced as an interesting concept that ending up earning a huge profit. But it failed to earn the critical acclamation which matters a lot to become iconic like “Toy Story”, “Zootropolis”, “Up”, etc. Moreover, The Boss Baby has been explored way too much with the first film and the Netflix series. There isn’t much left to pull the audience back to the screen.


Upcoming Movies of 2021
Upcoming Movies of 2021

It isn’t fair to judge someone on the basis of their past but M Night Shyamalan has left us with no choice. Shyamalan has proved to be a talented director in the past but adapting novels isn’t his forte. His experience with “The Last Airbender” was a commercial and critical disaster. “Old” is also an adaption of the novel “The Sandcastle”. Moreover, according to reports, the director is taking full creative control over writing, directing, and producing for “Old” which makes things even scarier.

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