Chaos Walking

  • MoviesAnticipated Sci-Fi Movies In 2021

    10 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Movies Arriving In 2021

    Our patience was put to test in 2020 since most of the movie release dates were getting pushed further and further away. Even though a bunch of great films did save us while we were sitting at home, there are more in line yet to release. 2021 is going to see back to back the release of super exciting science…

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  • MoviesUpcoming Movies of 2021

    10 Major Upcoming Movies of 2021 That Might Flop

    2020 saw a major delay in a plethora of highly-anticipated movies. Now the burden has fallen on 2021 that will be seeing a storm of much-awaited movie releases, thus increasing the competition. The announcement of films like “Tom & Jerry” and “Cruella” has further fueled the euphoria of fans whose hair is already turning grey from the prolonged wait since…

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    Chaos Walking – New Teaser & Images for Tom Holland’s Next Action Movie Revealed

    Chaos Walking New Teaser: It’s been over a decade since we’ve been witnessing the rise of every leading MCU actor. Seriously, Marvel has become this big medium of success for every actor who gets to play a superhero in one of the MCU movies. The OG 6 Avengers have all been big-name stars for a while now. The latter additions…

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