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    10 Major Upcoming Movies of 2021 That Might Flop

    2020 saw a major delay in a plethora of highly-anticipated movies. Now the burden has fallen on 2021 that will be seeing a storm of much-awaited movie releases, thus increasing the competition. The announcement of films like “Tom & Jerry” and “Cruella” has further fueled the euphoria of fans whose hair is already turning grey from the prolonged wait since…

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    The New Tom & Jerry Trailer Really Brings Back Some Great Memories

    2021 is going to be a great year for movies if the Coronavirus allows it. If you look at the movies that Warner Bros. plans to launch next year, you’d be as psyched as I am right now. Well, the reason for all this excitement and happiness is the Snyder Cut, and surprisingly, the new Tom & Jerry trailer. For…

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  • MoviesTom & Jerry Live Action Movie Michael Pena

    Tom & Jerry Live-Action Movie Casts Marvel Star Michael Pena

    We all know that it is a season of remakes, biopics, and bringing cartoon characters into live-action films. And, with Disney having perfection in this approach, it seems like Warner Bros. is also in the competition. Yes, the live-action/animated hybrid film of Tom & Jerry has cast Michael Pena. The actor who did a great job in movies like Ant-Man…

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  • MoviesTom & Jerry Movie

    The Tom & Jerry Movie Gets a 2021 Release Date

    There aren’t many things in the world which have been a part of our childhood like the way Tom & Jerry have been. I don’t think there is anyone in the world out there who doesn’t know about them because this one is such a cartoon that has been cherished by the people of all age groups. But, we are…

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