How Robert Pattinson’s Batman Can Introduce Two-Face?

Robert Pattinson’s Batman Introduce Two-Face:

So far it is clear that The Batman’s plot navigates to the corrupted history of Gotham City. The mind-blowing trailer has swirled up the internet with fans guessing the plot and producing new theories. It paves the path for the notorious villain, The Riddler played by Paul Dano, and also includes Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, Colin Farrell’s Penguin, Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon, and Andy Serkis Alfred. Robert Pattinson’s black-eyed Batman is the darkest version so far who has descended to cynicism and vengeance. The dark-themed Batman movie is expected to release in 2021.

How Robert Pattinson’s Batman Can Introduce Two-Face?

If the plot indicates the interwoven lies and corruption of Gotham City at the hands of powerful people, then Harvey Dent’s arrival is inevitable. His absence from the gothic trailer has cast a doubt over his involvement in the story. However, fighting the decade-old corruption of Gotham would be incomplete without this warrior. So, there is a strong possibility for the character to have a short appearance, get mentioned, or have his story built-up for the new saga.

Harvey Dent was one of the very few authorities whom Batman trusted with the future of Gotham. He and Batman shared the same vision and fought the same fight towards the end of corruption. He was a District Attorney who wasn’t afraid of any power who exploited their position. No amount of threat could cool the burning fire in his heart to imprison the criminals. His determination and aim could be supportive of Batman in protecting their city. Batman could catch the criminals on the field while Harvey Dent could follow the lawful procedure in screwing up the criminals. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight highlighted the yin-yang relationship of the dark Caped Crusader and the law-abiding and non-corrupt district attorney. Since Batman was a vigilante and not confined by duties and laws like his allies, he could cross the boundaries.

How Robert Pattinson’s Batman Can Introduce Two-Face?

Pattinson’s Batman is on his 2nd year and no less than a sinister and ruthless knight. He walks on a dark path with a grim expression and is strongly driven by violence and vendetta. He has found a match in The Riddler who is hellbent on using sinister methods in uncovering the masks off Gotham’s public officers and powerful faces. The spine-chilling trailer begins with The Riddler duct-taping the Mayor and writing “No More Lies” on it. The same corruption ball also rolls over to Peter Sarsgaard’s DA Gil Colson who eventually becomes an enticing target for both Batman and The Riddler. After his inevitable fate, the DA’s office is bound to be open for Harvey Dent.

Bruce Wayne is new in crime-fighting whose grim world is pushing him towards the edge of sanity. His inflammable temper is in a strong need of a stabilizer which can be found in Harvey Dent. Batman’s current attitude makes it difficult for him and the GCPD to cooperate. The only public officer who can bear with him and act as his secret ally is Jim Gordon. But it’s Dent who can help Batman to see the thin line between vendetta and justice. So far Batman hasn’t come across what real justice looks like due to the corrupt and compromised system and officers. He has grown up to see only the white or black in a decision. He has obviously never been able to trust the authorities to take care of justice and has therefore taken matters to his own hands.

How Robert Pattinson’s Batman Can Introduce Two-Face?

But Harvey Dent shares the same vision as he does and restores his trust and hope for a better future of Gotham at the hands of the system.  Batman can nab the criminals and hand them over to Dent without worrying about him getting bribed. Harvey Dent indeed has a darker future but before his descent, he can guide a crime-fighting Batman from a nascent stage to a mature Superhero.

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