Supergirl V Superman: Which Kryptonian Is More Powerful?

Which Kryptonian Is More Powerful?

Most of the time we find ourselves comparing Superman and Batman so much so that Hollywood even awarded us a movie on their battle. But let us compare apples with apples for a change, i.e., Superman and his Kryptonian cousin, Supergirl. They are the most powerful entities in DC as compared to other superheroes. Both of them are bestowed with similar powers such as super strength, flight abilities, super hearing, x-ray vision, heat vision, super speed, etc. But more factors would determine the intensity of each Kryptonian’s powers.

Which Kryptonian More Powerful
Which Kryptonian More Powerful

The cousins were forced in a battle with each other in CW Arrowverse series Supergirl season 2 finale, “Nevertheless, She Persisted”. Supergirl had to unwillingly put down Superman after the evil Daxamite queen Rhea mind-controlled Superman to believe that Kara Danvers aka Supergirl was his worst enemy, General Zod. They exchanged heat vision and heavy blows which almost destroyed both of them, considering their similar strengths. Even though Supergirl managed to take him down, it took an unimaginable amount of powers from her end. So Supergirl won the fight in the series but Arrowverse is far different from the comic book that includes more complexities. Let find out which Kryptonian is stronger.

 1. Proficiency

If we separate powers and combat skills, Supergirl would win in both the domains. Unlike Superman who left Krypton as a baby, Supergirl got to spend her teen years growing up on their home planet where she was trained in combat. She is a trained fighter and therefore knows how to tap on her strengths. In times of danger, Cara can definitely save her neck even without her powers.

 2. Experience

Which Kryptonian More Powerful
Which Kryptonian More Powerful

Landing on Earth before his cousin has given extra years of experience to Superman. He grew up to learn everything by himself and fight supervillains when Supergirl was still afloat in deep space. Additionally, his team-ups with other professional and older heroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, etc. rendered him more insights about his domain.

 3. Relentless

Unlike Superman who has more restraint on himself, Supergirl gives her everything in a battle. She gets too emotionally engaged in right-and-wrong and doesn’t hold herself back in knocking down the big baddies. This gives her an edge over Superman who often loses battles for not exploiting his maximum potentials.

 4. Leadership

Only powers and skills do not make a good leader, wisdom does. Even though Supergirl has similar to superior powers than Superman, she has rendered herself quite reckless and emotionally driven in times of distress. Superman, on the other hand, has control over his feelings which enables him to think quickly on his feet. Kal-El might be younger to her on Krypton, but he is older in years and experience on Earth. He has led the Justice League of superheroes on many occasions. A team needs a leader who shows maturity, kindness, and analytical skills.

 5. Speedster Skills

supergirl flash

There is no iota of doubt that both the cousins possess super speed but Supergirl is ahead of Superman in terms of phasing. Merely having powers is futile if you don’t know how to exploit them. Kara has learned a few tricks from the expert Flash in this field. He taught her to harness her speed and phase through any physical matter.

 6. Powers

Supergirl GIFs

Supergirl has spent more years on Krypton than Superman did. She was a teen when she left her planet, implying that she absorbed more of the strong gravitational force of Krypton which as a result rendered her more powers on Earth. Many heroes including Batman noticed that she displayed more power in Supergirl: Power.

 7. Strength

If women have more endurance for pain, men possess superior strength due to the muscle-mass relativity. Even though Supergirl and Superman’s strengths won’t differ so much, the latter has displayed slightly more strength in the past. It was mentioned in All-Star Superman that Kal-El could lift around 200 quintillion tons in one go.

 8. Endurance

Which Kryptonian More Powerful
Which Kryptonian More Powerful

Superman’s experience with Darkseid and Doomsday has definitely honed his durability to withstand the powerful supervillains. However, Supergirl spent a long time in deep space which allowed her to absorb more powers and radiation from multiple yellow suns. Therefore, her energy reserve regenerates her faster and enables her to resist powerful entities for a longer period.

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