Turned To The Darkseid, Did Yoda. Almost Became The Strongest Sith Lord, Did Yoda.

The Dark Side of the Force has been quite cataclysmic for the galaxy over the years. But it could’ve been even more devastating if one of the strongest Jedi masters (if not the strongest), Yoda would’ve turned to it like Anakin & Kylo Ren did. This became the case in 2004’s Star Wars: Yoda – Dark Rendezvous (which has been rendered non-canonical). During the Clone Wars, Yoda was lured into meeting Count Dooku, whose plan was to turn Yoda to the Dark Side.

The great Jedi Master, Yoda always knew that nothing good comes from the power of the Dark Side. So, when Count Dooku tried to persuade him to leave the Light Side of the Force for the Dark Side, he wasn’t tempted and Dooku’s attempts were pointless. In fact, Yoda showed him a vision that turned out to be extremely horrifying for him. See, Dooku’s plan was to use Dark Yoda to usurp Darth Sidious from his throne. But, the 900 year old Jedi showed him how catastrophic he’d be if he turns to the Dark Side. He’d become an even bigger threat than Darth Sidious could ever hope to be. The entire galaxy would be annihilated.

Upon their meeting, Yoda did open himself to the Dark Side for a very brief moment. He knew that his eternal devotion to the Light Side won’t let him turn evil. So, he deemed it necessary to attract the Dark Side for a moment because that allowed him to show Dooku a very realistic vision of his power. Yoda was wise. He knew that even though the Dark Side makes a person feel enriched with power, it will still lead to nothing but death and destruction. Dooku was star struck upon witnessing a future possibility of a Dark Yoda. When Yoda saw that Dooku learned his lesson, he ended the Vision and became the good old Jedi Master that we’re familiar with.

But just imagine what he could’ve done with so much power & rage that the Dark Side would’ve infused in him. He would’ve been unstoppable. The Galaxy may be happy that Yoda didn’t go all dark, but someone like him could be attracted to the Dark Side very soon. Baby Yoda, or as Jon Favreau calls him, “the Child” is the same species as Yoda. He’s all cute and cuddly right now, but we’ve witnessed a spark, a potential connection to the Dark Side in him.

The Child gas gotten really attached to The Mandalorian. It’s the same for The Mandalorian as well. Together, the two have done a lot of good. Like Yoda, the Child is also strong with the Force. We’ve seen him use the Force to prevent the Mandalorian. But, there was one occasion when the Child used the Force to choke Cara Dune when she was arm wrestling with Mando. The 50 year old kid thought that Dune was trying to harm Mando, so he tried to choke her. This choke hold is usually resonated with the Dark Side of the force.

Upon their next adventures, the Mandalorian will have to make sure that he prevents the Child from getting into the hands of Moff Gideon and the Imperial Remnant. If that happens, then we’re pretty sure that Baby Yoda will be brought up as one with the Dark Side. He’d be used as a weapon that would threaten the entire galaxy. So, Mando may not know it right now, but he will have to handle the Child with a lot of care to make sure that another Darth Vader level threat isn’t created.

Let’s see how things go in The Mandalorian Season 2. It will possibly arrive in October, only on Disney+.

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