Report: She-Hulk May Feature A Shapeshifting Alien

Marvel Studios will soon start their production of the She-Hulk and the initial casting line ups are hinting towards a possible shapeshifter to enter the MCU timeline. Disney+ has yet to announce the officiating release of the series on its OTT platform. But one thing is for certain that the audience will witness the arrival of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and most likely the plot which may witness an intergalactic war break out in the television series. The sanctum of the earth has already been invaded by the Chitauri and Thanos himself. Also, the entire universe has already experienced the absence of the mad titan Thanos and with Guardians of the Galaxy traveling far and wide across the universe spreading how the earth’s mightiest defeated one of the greatest villains in the universe. This may become the cause of invitation to the other power-hungry species or villains in the universe.

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The movie seems to have brought in all the cast which may connect to the previous Hulk movies. The series will see Mark Ruffalo as the original Hulk and Tim Roth returns as the Abomination. Another character that has been speculated to join the cast is Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones.

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She-Hulk Shapeshifting Alien

If this is true then we can see both Jessica and She-Hulk partner up to fight the crimes of the city and any minuscule intergalactic threat which might threaten the peace of the planet. The arrival of new characters in the MCU indicates a bigger plot in play here. For several fans, they are also not aware of the origins of the She-Hulk let alone her allies in battle.

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She-Hulk Shapeshifting Alien
She-Hulk Shapeshifting Alien

According to the Marvel comics, She-Hulk is the cousin sister of Mark Ruffalo, created by writers Stan Lee and John Buscema. Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is shot by a mobster against whom she had been appealing and fighting a court case. Luckily for Jennifer, Bruce happened to be there in the city during the night of this fateful event. With Jennifer having lost a lot of blood, the only way Bruce saw fit for Jennifer’s survival was a blood transfusion.

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Avengers: Endgame Mark Ruffalo

Even though his blood being riddled with gamma radiation, finding a donor with a similar blood group at that time of the night seemed impossible. So, Bruce decides to share his blood with Jennifer. In the hospital, Jennifer recovers but is visited by gangsters who worked for the mobster she was prosecuted in the court. The mobsters opened fire, it was then Jennifer’s anger shot up and she transformed into the She-Hulk, without the loss of intellect and capabilities of speech.

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Now fans are not certain what kind of approach will Marvel studios take while implicating She-Hulk’s storyline into the MCU. But are certain that her inclusion in the storyline is all part of a bigger plan and will be used to include several antagonists and protagonists in the process. She-Hulk has been in the Marvel comics industry for a long time and her premiere in the MCU could not have been made at any better time than this. The television series is speculated to witness the arrival of one such particular antagonist which may alter and affect the course of events that might unfold post her inclusion. The series might witness the arrival of a shape-shifting alien called A’Dood.

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She-Hulk Shapeshifting Alien
She-Hulk Shapeshifting Alien

Now not much is known about this A’Dood, but she is known to be a shapeshifter alien who has embraced the pop culture trend of planet earth. She has been known to go around shapeshifting into influential people to get away with things that she desires the most. The alien has figured out a way to use her powers on earth and use them to make herself happy, which includes getting access to power, money, and fame. Anything which makes her life on earth a lot more enjoyable and fun. The casting crew of the Marvel studios seems to be looking for a female actor between the age of 20- 30 years to fill in the shoes of the shapeshifting conniving alien.

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The television series still has to begin shoot as Marvel Studios are still pitching in the cast to fit the role of the She-Hulk and the antagonist of the story. We may witness a familiar face starring in the action series or maybe a new talent altogether. The only thing left for the fans to do is wait and watch as the mystery surrounding the She-Hulk television series unfolds.

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