Top 10 Breaking Bad Episodes

It has been 6 years since Breaking Bad, the masterpiece aired on television and we witnessed, possibly the most satisfying ending to a television show. Kudos to Vince Gillian who created such a masterful visual depiction of a story, supported by the excellent Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. This show, during its 5-season run produced some of the most amazing episodes, leaving fans breathless and wanting for more. It has a great number of awesome episodes but some episodes clearly stand-out of the herd. So, here are 10 episodes which redefined television.

 10. Crazy Handful of Nothin’ (S01E06)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

This is the first episode where we see a glimpse of Heisenberg hiding in the body of Walter White. Heisenberg tries to get things in order by asking Jesse to find a wholesaler to buy their drugs, but things go bad pretty quick and it is finally up to Walter to get out of this mess, which he does by blowing up a drug dealer’s office, which basically revived our hopes in Chemistry.

 9. Grilled (S02E02)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

Let’s be honest, we were all genuinely scared of Tuco Salamanca, the craziest Breaking Bad villain. He generated so much tension whenever he was on the screen and his actions were so unpredictable which made the fans worry about the protagonists (Antiheroes in this case) and kept them on their toes. In that phase of unpredictability, Tuco finally met his demise at the hands of our beloved mineral lover, Hank Schrader.

 8. One Minute (S03E07)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

The final 6 minutes of this episode are absolute gold where we got one of the biggest scares of all time. The Deadly cousins go after Hank in a crazy 1 on 2 battle to stop him from interfering in the Cartel business, leaving him at the mercy of Marco Salamanca where he refuses to kill Hank “easily”, resulting in a bullet to his head and once again proving that Hank was an absolute badass.

 7. Dead Freight (S05E05)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

We all absolutely loathed Todd after this episode, The straight-faced sociopath. In this episode, Walt pulls off one of the best heists by stealing methylamine from a train and they managed to do a perfect job until the end, where Todd shoots a kid in the end and top of that shows no speck of remorse.

 6. Crawl Space (S04E11)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

Gus has finally had enough of Hank meddling with his business and decides to take the matter into his own hands by threatening Walter White and his entire family as he was unable to get Hank off Gus’s back. We all remember the laugh which Walt gives off in this episode, putting all the Joker impressions to shame and giving us nights full of nightmares.

 5. Full Measure (S03E13)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

One of the best things about this show is that it always sticks the ‘season finale’ landing. Walter White displays his mental prowess in this episode by outsmarting his enemies by using the oldest trick of survival in the industry, – Eliminate your substitutes. Walt asks Jesse to eliminate Gale so that Gus has no choice but to stick with them and in the process saving his and Jesse’s life. This episode fastens the deterioration process of Walter White.

 4. Face Off (S04E13)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

All ties are now severed between Walt and Gus in the season 4 finale where we know now for sure that only one of these evil masterminds would make it which ultimately leads to a final showdown between the two in which Heisenberg comes out on top by taking out one of the best villains ever in style by teaming up with an ‘old friend’. Do not oppress disabled people as they can be dangerous too.

 3. To’hajiilee (S05E13)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

Walter White makes a deal with the devil in an attempt to take out Jesse for good without realizing what awaits his future. The episode ultimately ends in a showdown between the DEA and Jack’s men leading to a totally chaotic situation which could only lead to something bad.

 2. Ozymandias (S05E14)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

We witness one of the saddest deaths in the entire series in this episode where the chaos from the previous episode ensues and finally ends in the demise of Hank. Bryan Cranston acted beautifully in this episode as even the fans were able to feel the pain when Hank was shot.

 1. Felina (S05E16)

Top Breaking Bad Episodes

This is how you wrap-up a story, take note D&D. If this episode did not resonate with you on an emotional level, then you did not connect with the series at all. This episode exceeds all the fans’ expectations and the execution was so amazing that it left the fans without words. This was truly the best finale in television history giving a fitting end to a beloved character.

Breaking Bad is surely the most impactful TV show ever made leaving a huge legacy behind. We watched a man transform slowly into his true self over the course of years and finally accept his reality.

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