10 Shows Like Narcos That Every Fan Would Enjoy

Below mentioned are some TV shows and series that you must watch for once if you are a true lover of Narcos and you wish to watch something as amazing as this series then below mentioned are some of the popular TV shows that you will surely fall in love with. Below is the list of 10 shows like Narcos that every fan would enjoy. Watch them!

Breaking Bad

Shows Like Narcos

Breaking Bad’s first season came in the year 2008.  The series has the modern Pablo Escobar, Walter white in it. As this character is completely fed up with his boring life and after receiving a Cancer diagnosis, he decides to make a major change in his lifestyle. He is a simple school professor, she uses his perfect chemistry knowledge to produce the best Crystal Meth anyone has ever seen. In order to sell his pure product, Walter approaches a drug seller.  And with the help of this guy, together they build a drug empire. The series is loved by millions of people because of perfect acting, great visuals, amazing sounds, superb story. This series will surely keep you at the edge of your seat. If you loved narcos, then this is a show that you must watch next.

The Wire

Shows Like Narcos

The wire’s first season came in the year 2002. This series is basically surrounded by a drug. The series perfectly portrays the life of various people involved in the drug scenes. It hells how problematic and mysterious their life is. It’s a closer look at the lives of such people. The series portrays the life of a common junkie to the group’s boss this is the Wire. The link connecting every man involved in the chain of crime and betrayal.  this series also consists of the law enforcement that is trying to shut down the operation of a major drug kingpin who himself is dealing with a new competitor who is trying to take him down.


Shows Like Narcos

Mindhunter’s first season came in the year 2017. The series is extremely interesting. It tries to get into the horrific and at the same time the mysterious minds of serial killers and criminals of the world. The Great FBI agents are Holden Ford and Bill Tench. They somehow try to proof the psychology of a criminal mind behind committing a crime they think that this can help law enforcement and they will be able to catch the criminals by understanding their mind. The series depicts the hardships that are faced by the FBI agents in catching the criminals. Do you think that if these mind hunters understand the criminal mind, then will they be able to catch the criminals?

House of Cards

Shows Like Narcos

House of cards’ first season came in the year 2013. Its really hard to build an empire that Is build on the foundation of blood, evil plans, betrayal is is a difficult task and not only difficult but also a reckless task. For seeing this hard work, you really need to watch this series as it will help you to understand a man who is fighting the world to get what he deserves. He has everyone against him even his own wife. With such difficulty, will he be able to get what he wants so badly? The story is interesting and surely fascinating.

The Blacklist

Shows Like Narcos

The Blacklist’s first series came in the year 2013. The story depicts the life of a Speaking of a single international criminal who is hiding from the FBI and then meets Raymond the Red Reddington. Raymond is an ex-FBI agent who has gone rogue and is running a criminal organization that covers the entire world.  On one fine day, he surprises everyone, even the FBI as he surrenders to them and not only this he even promises to tell about all the international terrorist. In order to find his intentions behind his surrender, you need to watch the series. As the story is definitely a ‘ must watch’ one.

The Night Manager

Shows Like Narcos


The night Roper’s first season came in the year 2016. In this series, there is an international arms dealer who is wanted by all of the intelligence agencies including MI6. With no proof against him, MI6 chief Angela Burr lures Jonathan Pine who is a night manager with a history with Roper. The story moves ahead when he further gets into the details and lands himself into the trouble. A definite must watch.  

Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal

Shows Like Narcos

The next in the list comes Pablo Escobar. Its first season came in the year 2012. If you are a fan of Pablo Escobar, then this series is a must watch for you as this story has another amazing story to share with its viewers. The series beautifully describes the childhood of Pablo and how he became the worlds best drug lord. the series also shows his mother’s involvement in it. If you loved Narcos, then you will surely love this series.


Shows Like Narcos

Another on the list is power, it’s the first season came in the year 2008. The series is full of suspense, politics, and mystery, power. In this series, James Ghost is a man who owns the most amazing club in town and also has a gorgeous wife. He is one guy from whom everyone envies. And not only this character even runs a drug paddling ring. Watch this series to see how he handles his different words. And what he loses.

Sons of Anarchy

Shows Like Narcos

Next comes ‘Sons of Anarchy. Their first season came in the year 2008. The series is based on a motorcycle gang who are called as SAMCRO. They deal in legal as well as illegal operations. The series is bloody, violent and deep in trouble. However, his stepson Jax Teller the son of the founding father of the gang called SAMCRO  is a bit different. He has different ideas for his gang. once you start watching, the series will keep you at the edge of your seat.

The Mentalist

Shows Like Narcos

The last but not the least comes, The Mentalist. The series came in the year 2008. The story is about a character whose name is Red John. He is a famous criminal who is always ten steps ahead of law enforcement every time. However, when he makes the mistake of murdering the family of a conman Patrik Jane, he starts a chain of events and crimes which eventually lead to his death. But what makes the story moving is the question that will Jane be still able to find a man of his type?

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