How Will The Flash Season 3 Finale Affect Arrow, Supergirl and Legends?

The Flash season 3 finale has led the show into a completely new territory. After Team Flash’s brutal battle with Savitar came to an end, we saw the Speed Force explode and Barry had to sacrifice himself and suffer for eternity in the Speed Force. We see Wally West taking the mantle of The Flash and this is no small change. With no clear clue as to when will Barry return from the Speed Force, it is surely going to affect the DC TV universe.

Here is how the Flash season finale will affect all the CW shows, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow:


Even before The Flash’s first season premiered we have seen an interesting relationship between Arrow and Flash. Oliver and Barry have supported each through a lot. Both Team Arrow and Team Flash share an interesting equation with each other. However, with Barry gone and Oliver not always trusting new people will have a hard time adjusting with Wally as the new Flash.


Kara and Barry have been good friends ever since the first crossover of Flash and Supergirl in which Barry accidentally traveled to Kara’s Earth-38. We even saw Barry reaching out to Supergirl in the Invasion Crossover. So, now a crossover is sure to happen and whether if Barry will return from Speed Force by then or not is something to look out for. Also, Kara has her own inter-dimensional portal creator using which Team Flash and Team Supergirl can call on to each other for help when needed.

Legends of Tomorrow

flash season 3 will affect legendsAlmost all the members of Legends team have had a close relationship with the Flash. Mick Rory, Professor Stein, and Jefferson have had a close relation with Barry since season 1 of The Flash. Ray Palmer also appeared on the Flash during season 1. Also, during the Crossover, we realized that Rip Hunter also has a relation with Barry Allen, somewhere in the future. This means that Legends might have to work with Wally and this might not please Sara as she too like Oliver is skeptical about people. Also, it is very much possible that Legends could play an important part in Barry’s rescue from the Speed Force as they deal with changed realities and timelines regularly.

Thus a lot is on the line for the entire roster of CW’s DC TV shows and what happens will surely shape the future of DCTV. And the Flash season 3 is sure to have an impact on all of them. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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