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Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine is getting closer. X-Men franchise has been on a steady rise since the release of X-Men First Class. They have given great storylines and characters in almost all films. Logan’s trailer was out in October 2016 and it gave us a glimpse that the movie will be intense. Many fans have been speculating that Wolverine won’t make it out alive from the film. However, only time can tell that! We have seen many Logan images, but recently some more came out.

Here are some new insanely awesome Logan images from the director James Mangold:

If there was any doubt that the film wasn’t going to be grim and serious, latest images from James Mangold’s Logan has quashed it thoroughly.

James Mangold posted this image on his twitter account. It shows an old Professor Xavier. We all know that the film is set in future and thus the telepathic Professor X looks feeble. It’s another indication of the tone of the film.

The second photo is of Hugh Jackman himself and again – *NO SMILES*. Logan is sporting a hairstyle very different from what we saw in earlier X-Men films. Of course, he is depicted old and weary in the film.

In the last of the Logan images’ posted by Mangold, we see Laura Kinney a.k.a X-23. She is portrayed by the new comer Dafne Keen. From the trailer, it seems, that she might steal the show with a stellar performance. We can’t wait for March to get nearer and see her in full action as she joins Professor X and Wolverine in their fight against the bad guys.

Wolverine opens worldwide on March 3, 2016. #onelasttime

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