Iron Man And Batman Are In For The Same Reboot In Comics

Iron Man And Batman Reboot In Comics:

Iron Man and Batman respectively hailing from Marvel and DC Comics are some of the biggest names in the entire superhero kingdom. Fans go gaga whenever they hear the news of a movie coming up with either of the names and particularly enjoy their cameos in different movies. More or so, any actor that plays Batman or Iron Man ends up getting embedded in the same name, and becoming a part of Marvel of DC Comics is an actor’s dream. Both of the characters play a vital role in their respective worlds and it’s really hard to imagine the comic worlds without them.

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In recent times and the current course of changes, Iron Man and Batman are both being stripped of their high-tech advances and knowledge of approaching crime. Both of them have fought cosmic-level threats and are no ordinary humans. In the recent issues of Iron Man, we can see how he has lost the will, and how he views people which is downright disturbing. The Next Batman, written by John Ridley shows a future Batman set in a dystopian Gotham with advanced technology to fight off criminals and try to maintain the peace. Iron Man and Batman, both were required to analyze their approach to fighting crime and so happened. Iron Man is thriving to reconnect with his people and hence, has started a small company and moved into a much smaller estate.

Both of the approaches are toned down to extreme reality where we see them introspecting and acting more like humans than superheroes. In Iron Man #3 by Christopher Cantwell shows Tony Spark in deeper despair and a struggle to define himself as a hero and returns back to fighting street-level crime. #3 taken iron Man further down the abyss of self-loathing. Batman will now be seen as a creature that lurks in the dark and blends in the shadows and will now be seen fighting without his advanced technology and without Gotham City Police Department assistance. We have all seen Iron Man and Batman, billionaires, use their high-end technologies to gauge and fight crime but now they’re going to be deprived of it. This comes in when both the heroes are supposed to find themselves again and reconnect with their own selves, yet be the savior of their people and city.

Both the superheroes often seem similar considering how they became what they are today and driven by their emotions of losing their parents and having to live a life where they are not with their family and all they have is their blind level of money and technology that is not available for a layman. They both have a unique fighting style and are never influenced by their anger as they both hesitate in killing their enemies. But this goes for a fact that we have still not seen the comic plot in its entirety and the movies are much different than the comics. The comics are much more deep considering the character’s history but in the movies, we see a glimpse of what it is, and avid comic readers are often seen complaining about it. On a much more intense note, dedicated comic readers often feel reluctant about watching the movies.

It’s about time that we see these two big guns getting back to their basics, that is being a normal citizen and still saving the day. This goes on to tell that when they get stripped of their technologies they will be much more relatable. Viewers will relate more and consider them as real-life heroes when they will see Iron Man and Batman fighting crime with their combat skills and sheer knowledge that they possess.

The fans are excited to see both of them in their vintage styles, a basic costume that is only used to hide their identity and protect them in a fight and get more familiar with their roots. This might tell us that even the movies that we will see in the future will also be different and they will regain their reputation of being a neighborhood fight crime force.

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