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Here’s Why Ratcatcher 2 Sleeps So Much In The Suicide Squad

While directing a movie like The Suicide Squad is no big feat, James Gunn proved otherwise by making one of the most successful movies in the DCEU. Navigating a storyline while dealing with the individual characters was executed beautifully. The movie gives us some of the most memorable scenes and moments while still holding up the material with absolute ingenuity. While some characters were left out without a proper dive into their world or their origins, which would be dealt with later. Others were given strong stories that synced to their behavior throughout the movie and also helped us understand their personality. Amongst the latter ones, there was Ratcatcher 2, who became a hit amongst the fans instantly. One thing was left open about her character that has all the fans wondering why Ratcatcher 2 sleeps so much.

Why Ratcatcher 2 Sleeps So Much

Ratcatcher 2, played by Daniela Melchior, had a troubled origin story based on her troubled past, being brought up in much of poverty. She is the least villain-like in the entire time and the closest to a much more human persona. She inherited her powers from her father, played by Taika Waitita, who was the original Ratcatcher and who died of an overdose. Her powers include the ability to control rats using her wand and also her strong bond with her pet rat Sebastian. Amongst these, there’s also her big heart as power along with the ability to sleep and appear lazy most of the time.

What does Daniel Melchior think about it?

While Melchior says the reasoning behind her laziness has something is something very natural. She picked up laziness as an essential part of her persona from the script. This really put her apart from the rest of the cast of characters while at the same time giving her character a flavor of the millennial disaffectedness. She had to convince James Gunn to appear as if she really didn’t want to be present at the moment. This is the genius of Gunn’s so that amongst all the superior strengths and comic book personas there’s a hint of relatable material between the characters and the viewers.

Possible theory

Why Ratcatcher 2 Sleeps So Much

This may be the case, but there could be a far deeper reason for her sleepiness. It could be her means of keeping her father’s image alive in her head. She really considers her father as an essential figure in her life. The ending scene where she remembers the moment she shared with her father while controlling the rats to attack Starro clearly shows this strong bond she shared with her father. Also, she was brought up on the streets and they used to keep themselves warm with the help of the rats only, so another reasoning could be that she can find any place or location comfortable enough to give herself a shuteye.

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