James Cameron Was Planning a Very Sexual Spider-Man Movie. Here Are the Deets!

There was a time before the MCU. Before all of these shenanigans. I am talking about a simpler time. When movie-making did not have to rely on a CGI-heavy third half. Way before the days of Marvel Studios and Columbia’s SSU. At that time, there was a dream! A dream of creating a live-action Spider-Man movie. This dream was shared by several entities and all of them destroyed themselves in the pursuance of their dreams. James Cameron was at the epicenter of it all, and it is said that he was planning a very sexual Spider-Man movie. He even submitted 2 alternate drafts for the movie and there were A LOT of other ideas from other writers. Here are all the deets!

The Wiki for this movie reads,

“…….. the treatment was also heavy on profanity, and had Spider-Man and Mary Jane having sex on the Brooklyn Bridge. This treatment reflected elements in previous scripts: from Leslie Stevens’s treatment, organic web-shooters, and a villain who tempts Spider-Man to join a coming “master race” of mutants; from the original screenplay and rewrite, weird electrical storms causing blackouts, freak magnetic events, and bi-location; from Ethan Wiley’s draft, a villain addicted to toxic super-powers and multiple experimental spiders, one of which escapes and bites Peter, causing a hallucinatory nightmare invoking Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis……….”


Sexual Spider-Man Movie

A lot was going on in this movie, but what happened after the submissions of these drafts would really boil your prawns. There were three companies involved in the fiasco. It was a battle between Carolco, 21st Century, Marvel, and James Cameron. James Cameron was involved because he was both a writer in the movie and a director in 21st Century Fox. 21st Century Fox was the one starting a fight because Cameron was involved in the movie. Moreover, this came at a time when Marvel and Carloco were already dealing with a conflict about advertising rights.


This led to a lot of litigation and the eventual bankruptcy of the three companies. James Cameron might have been happy having his hands free of the shenanigans. I don’t think that man would ever want to do a Spider-Man movie again. Much less, write one and not get paid for it. But it is interesting how the wiki mentions that this alternate version of the script by James Cameron was graphic in every definition of the word. It is funny how there was a slim chance that Noir could have existed in Spider-Man before Batman for a brief moment in time.


Of course, I am only talking in regards to the scope of recent superhero movies. But still, it could have been extremely fun. Not to mention the fact that Leonardo Dicaprio was the one who was supposed to play Spider-Man. can you imagine? It would have the most epic thing to ever exist. Also, what is with this ensemble of different villains? It seems that someone in the story department of Marvel and Carloco went bollocks and asked every writer in existence to write a Spider-Man story.


The Results

Disney Fox Deal

This sexual Spider-Man movie would have ruined three companies and did ruin most of them. They were sold for parts when everything was said and done. But we can’t argue with the results. There is certainly a lot of material to go through here. But there is also a clear indication that this Spider-Man movie will never be produced. This is a PR and financial disaster. It is several potential suits waiting to happen. Only this time, you can be sure that Disney will acquire everyone. Then the MCU will become even larger and even more grotesque. Don’t look at me like that. Grotesque can be used to define something that is larger than it needs to be, especially when describing a piece of art.


There are too many ideas here. At what point can one say that we have had an original thought in these constraints. We now understand the reason that Spider-Man is so PG-13 in movies. It is because being anything else is to incline towards the James Cameron version but halting at the outset. No one would ever be able to top that alternate script.

Let us know what you think about James Cameron’s idea of a sexual Spider-Man movie down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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