Here’s Why Khonshu Hates Steven In Moon Knight So Much

Have you ever wondered why Khonshu hates Steven Grant in Moon Knight? We are here to answer that question. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had some crazy developments over the last couple of years. Ever since the death of Iron Man, things have escalated quickly rather than slowing down. It was only due to the pandemic that the production schedule of some shows was slowed down. 2020 was a weird year for Marvel, even though not a lot was released they still made a lot of content. We saw the effects of this in 2021 when we were hit with 7 shows and 3 movies, introducing 2 new factions of Gods and a flurry of new characters and opening up the Multiverse.

Moon Knight continues this trend of shock and awe in the MCU with the introduction of the Egyptian Ennead. These legendary creatures are only identified by us as “Gods” but in reality, they are powerful beings who reside in the Overvoid. They can only interact with humanity by possessing certain individuals who are called Avatars. Moon Knight is a story of one such Avatar. The Egyptian God of the moon, Khonshu has taken possession of Marc Spector’s body and made him his Avatar. Khonshu is the God of the moon but he also has the habit of doling out punishment to the evildoers. His figurative “fist of justice” is inescapable and his Avatar normally uses it without prejudice. This is also why Marc and Layla are such favourites of Khonshu.


Why Khonshu Hates Steven

Both Marc and Layla are people with unique combat skills. They can beat down foes bigger and tougher than themselves and even deal with Egyptian creatures of folklore like Jackals and High Priests. These are not average human beings and their skill set is exactly what Khonshu needs to make sure that his fist of justice reaches the right jaw. Then there is Steven Grant. Oscar Isaac plays 2 characters on the show for those who don’t know. He plays both Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Marc is a hardened mercenary who was part of the team that killed Layla’s father and Steven is a mild-mannered employee from the British Museum.


Why Khonshu hates Steven

While Marc’s mercenary training is useful for Khonshu’s work, Steven’s skittish attitude combined with his inability to fight are things that irk the Moon God. It is no secret that Khonshu hates Steven because of his uselessness. The man may be knowledgeable about Egyptian history but that knowledge equates to nothing when he needs to infiltrate a compound or fight against a bunch of thugs. Steven’s first response in such a situation has always been to run away from danger or resolve the situation. He even offered the scarab back to Harrow in the first episode. The scarab that Khonshu and Marc had just stolen after putting their lives on the line.


Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant in Marvel Studios’ MOON KNIGHT. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

To be fair, Steven is a bit of a character. He is meek and soft-spoken and that is supposed to be part of his charm. Unfortunately, it is not something that Khonshu is charmed with. He would much rather have Marc in control so that he can do God’s work all the time rather than wasting time in the museum. But things seem to have changed in the last couple of episodes.


The Future

You see, ever since the show has shifted to Egypt, Steven has been making himself more and more useful. First, he figured out how to use the map that was looted from the sarcophagus of Senfu, then he helped Khonshu in changing the night sky. In the subsequent episode, Steven continued to show his growth by luring a High Priest so that  Layla could escape his clutches. Steven also figured out the location of Ammit’s ushabti (it was in Alexander’s throat) and took possession of it before Harrow showed up.


It is a shame that Khonshu was not there to witness all of this. If he were, he might appreciate Steven a bit more. So now you know why Khonshu hates Steven.

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